3 Critical Pipe Storage and Handling Products


In the petroleum industry, pipelines are critical to ensuring that oil and gas go from the drill sites to where they need to go, efficiently and without spillage. Many of these oilfields are in harsh or difficult-to-reach environments, posing challenges for moving pipes and other equipment to the drill site undamaged. This is where MSI Pipe Protection Technologies comes in: we understand the rigors of the oil and gas business and have the critical protection your tubular goods require. MSI is a market leader in pipe storage and handling equipment, with a complete product line to meet your pipe transport needs.

Bumper Rings

MSI Bumper Rings

Bumper rings maintain the integrity of your pipes, preventing them from coming into direct contact with one another in transit. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies provides specially designed, high-quality pipe storage bumper rings tailored to oil country tubular goods (OCTGs). These flexible and maneuverable rings are easy to install and remove as required, giving your pipes the protection they need to arrive undamaged in even the roughest environments.

Pipe Chocks

MSI Pipe Chock

The humble pipe chock is one of the most critical pipe storage tools, keeping tubular goods from rolling around and damaging one another or injuring workers on your job site. These durable resin wedges nail into the wood of your pipe storage rack, stabilizing your pipes and enforcing space between them to prevent corrosion. MSI’s easy-to-install pipe chocks come in 2 sizes for any application, protecting your pipes and fulfilling safety compliance requirements for oilfield operations.

Rhino Tubular Handling Systems

MSI Rhino Tubular System

MSI’s Rhino Tubular Handling Systems can be used for pipe storage but should only be used by those primarily wishing to use it to safely lift bundles of pipe.  Rhino is not a storage mechanism but rather a safe lifting mechanism.  At MSI, we are trying to get away from referring to this as a storage option as it wastes a lot of our limited resources quoting as such. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has produced the Rhino Tubular Handling System for over 40 years, and it is in use at drill sites and petroleum processing facilities around the world.

These specialized racks exceed all current standards and recommendations for oil country pipe handling, with a large margin of safety. Unlike wooden pipe storage racks, Rhino Tubular Handling Systems support tall, high-density stacking, with unlimited configurations to create the most efficient pipe transportation on the market. Rhino bundles are limited by weight, so if you have a few hundred joints of pipe to bundle, you’ll need multiple Rhino systems. The amount of pipe that can be bundled will depend on both size and weight.

Industry Leaders in Pipe Protection

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies designs and produces the highest-quality, most reliable pipe storage, transport, and protection products for the oil and gas industry. With decades of industry experience, we know what it takes to keep your pipes and tubular goods in working condition on the oilfield, and we uphold the strictest engineering and manufacturing standards to ensure our products live up to your expectations. We look forward to working with you on meeting and exceeding your pipe handling needs!

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