All About Oil Country Tubular Goods


Oil moves the economy, and making sure that drilling operations run smoothly ensures that projects will be profitable. One way to ensure that investment equipment runs without hitting any snags, is to know about, and utilize, the different kinds of oil country tubular goods. The following should help you understand what oil country tubular goods are.

A Closer Look at Drill Pipes
Drill pipes are a big part of the oil country tubular goods family; this is why having a good supplier for drill pipes is essential to keeping businesses running.

Drill Pipes must withstand high torque when drilling, which could substantially deteriorate the drill bit. This is aggravated when it is not serviced as recommended. The axial weight also adds unnecessary tension to the drill pipe, not to mention the possibility of deflected drilling. The deflected drilling phenomenon is one that occurs when unforeseen obstacles bend the drill.

Most of these issues are completely repairable, as long as they are treated by a drill specialist; just make sure that those checkups are not forgotten.

Exploring the Casing Pipe Lines
Another integral part of the oil country tubular goods family is the casing pipe lines. Casing protects your drill bit from the pressure that builds up as the oil passes through. The drill bit is also protected against rock formations that may force deflected drilling. Think of the casing pipe lines as your first line of defense.

You should always remember to apply corrosion services to the casing, due to the intense conditions it must go through. Cracks and other signs of wear must be taken seriously and addressed immediately.

Tubing Should Not Be Overlooked
Another integral part of your drill and, ultimately, your entire project, is the tubing itself. The high pressure system that forces oil from the wellbore also causes an immense stream of liquid to pass through the tubing. The tubing is made to withstand the pressure and the heat created by the passing fluid, but this does not mean it is invincible.

One of the reasons that the tubing may need replacing prematurely is excessive usage. This is why it’s important not to use the drill longer than the recommended time. And similar to casing pipe lines, tubing must also be treated to prevent corrosion and protect oil from contamination.

Any corrosive treatments must be addressed by a trained specialist. Some drilling areas are more contaminated than others. In those areas, the alloy within the drill may not be capable of protecting itself against such contaminants. Drillers are seeing an increase of more contaminants in the environment, which are extremely corrosive.

You should also make sure that the drill specialist uses strong anti-corrosive materials that can withstand the growing number of contaminants. You can ask about things like hydrogen embrittlement or highly tempered martensite. Both of these materials should help maintain most of the compartments in the oil country tubular goods family. Plus, they also withstand heat well, so you will be saving money by anticipating issues before they interfere with your drilling.

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