An Amazing Find in the History of Pipes


We at MSI love to stay ahead of the trends in pipe protection, thread protection, and related areas and were amazed when we came across this piece of information. It seems that an archeological dig in China turned up the remains of what could be pipes that are 150 centuries old- 148,000 B.C.

A little on the pipe discovery

  •  OOPART (out of place artifact) is a term applied to prehistoric objects found in various places around the world that show a level of technological advancement incongruous with the times in which they were made. These discoveries often frustrate conventional scientists, while delighting alternative historians and conspiracy theorists, along with sparking debate.
  • A technique called thermoluminescence (which determines how long ago a crystalline mineral was exposed to sunlight or heated) was used to estimate the age of the pipes.
  • The pipe remnants were found in three caves that led to a lake, as well as under the lake bed and on the shore, suggesting they may have been used to move water.
  • The artifacts were discovered in China’s Qinghai Province near Mount Baigong.
  • No pipe remnants were found in nearby fresh water lakes.
  • Humans were not thought to occupy this particular region until 30,000 years ago.

All this information and some imagination have produced some interesting theories, such as:

  • The pipes were naturally formed.
  • The pipes were formed by intelligent extra-terrestrial life, ala Ancient Aliens.
  • The pipes were made by earlier human settlers who moved on to other regions.
  • The pipes have not been properly age tested.

We at MSI hesitate to speculate but are intrigued by the discovery and offer a tip of our hat to whomever erected these pipes so long ago. Read more about the story on The Epoch Times.

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