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assembly of MSI OCTG pipe protection products

Committed to Protecting Your OCTGs

Every petroleum extraction rig will make significant use of the OCTGs used to drill wells and transport the output. At MSI, our top priority is to ensure that your oilfield equipment is protected at all times. Contact us for orders and more information – 877-276-9208.

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stack of large diameter pipes

The True Value of Line Pipe Protectors

If you’re looking for an efficient way to protect pipe integrity during storage, handling, and transportation, consider line pipe protectors. Connect with MSI today for orders and information; call 877-276-9208.

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MSI GPS Calgary Canada

MSI 2018 Global Petroleum Show Highlights

The Global Petroleum Show in Canada hosts over 18,000 companies from more than 92 countries around the world, and MSI was once again honored to attend. Read on for highlights and the latest industry news from GPS 2018, then call MSI at 877-276-9208 for orders and information.

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stabbing guides oilfield drilling rig

Ensuring Proper Pipe Make Up with Stabbing Guides

Stabbing guides ensure that pipe sections are properly and safely connected, as proper alignment of female/male connections is a key aspect of pipe protection. Contacting MSI for high-quality pipe protection products is also important, so call 1-877-276-9208 for orders and information.

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history of oil drilling in USA

A Brief History of Oil Drilling in the US

Modern oil drilling companies must contend with far more competition and far stricter environmental controls than early US producers. Connecting with MSI at 877-276-9208 is essential to finding ways to protect your equipment from harsh environmental conditions and accidents.

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oilfield workers using lifting bails

The Safety Features and Benefits of Lifting Bails

Though lifting bails are found on oilfields and drilling sites and serve a vital purpose, obtaining products that are manufactured with the highest quality and reliability can only come from MSI. Call us at 877-276-9208 for orders and information.

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