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octg products lying in an oilfield

Innovative, Durable & Reliable OCTG Products

When it comes to OCTG products, you can trust in an API standard leader like MSI at 877-276-9208. We offer our customers an assurance in knowing that all the protection and performance-related benefits that top-quality, innovative materials can provide is always available.

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worker demonstrates drill pipe protector disassembly

How Drill Pipe Protectors Greatly Reduce Pipe Wear

MSI’s top-quality drill pipe protectors are not only designed to reduce wear and tear, pipe damage, and maintain equipment integrity during transportation, storage, and application, they also help cut operation costs and ultimately keep drilling sites safe. To order, call us at 877-276-9208.

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picture showing the process of injection molding on MSI manufacturing floor

Custom Injection Molding That Works

At MSI, we make use of custom injection molding that works to fabricate high-quality pipe protection products and other custom-designed products in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. Contact us for orders and information at 1-877-276-9208.

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