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Threaded pipes stacked with thread protectors

An Overview of MSI’s Pipe Protection’s Thread Protectors

Thread protectors are one of the most important products you should own. They can protect your OCTG and drill pipes from corrosion all year long as they’re being stored, transported, or during lifting.  However, many companies tend to overlook the importance of quality. They try to save on costs by purchasing disposable or cheaper products.

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Global supply chain slows for thread protectors

How a Slowed Global Supply Chain Impacts Pipe Protection Products

Almost every industry has been affected by the recent slowing in the global supply chain, and pipe protection products are not exempt. While there are numerous sources for thread protectors, many companies are facing longer lead times and rising costs.  So, what are the specific issues that manufacturers are facing? Here are a few you

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Avoid global supply chain issues with MSI

Avoid Global Supply Chain Issues with MSI’s Stocked Warehouse

In the oil and gas industry, pipes are an important commodity that needs to be protected. But it can be challenging to find the right thread protectors. There are numerous sources, but they often have long lead times or issues with quality, due to global supply chain issues like delivery delays and labor shortages. At

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MSI's superior Rhino tubular handling system

MSI’s RHINO is the popular transporting choice for Northern Europe

Current global conditions are leading to an increase in oil production in Europe. The Russian/Ukrainian war is currently in its sixth month. The entire continent of Europe has had to look for oil closer to home to replace Russian oil.  This increase in oil production in the North Seas will increase both your pipes and

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MSI American flag drill

The Impact of Global Politics on the Oil and Gas Industry

 Global players in the oil and gas industry understand one major thing: governments’ political statements and public posturing can directly impact their bottom line. From shipping lanes to supply and demand, every aspect of the market relies on the relationships and trade agreements countries and allies fostered after the 2nd World War. As new

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ISO Certification

MSI’s Commitment to our ISO 9001:2015

Due to the perception that thread protectors and other pipe protections are just “mere commodities,” many companies buy cheaper protectors in an effort to save money. Whether they are aware of it or not, these companies are putting their organizations at risk. Pipe protectors that are too cheap or inferior can damage pipes or cause

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The Renewed Importance of Operational Integrity for OCTGs

In the coming decade, oil and gas operators will face new challenges and need to find additional efficiencies to retain their market position. According to Deloitte’s industry outlook, investment shortages and volatile demand growth will plague producers over the next few years. The technological innovations from the previous decade provided many positive returns. Those returns

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Supply Chain

MSI Pipe Protection Keeps Your Supply Chain Moving

When you can’t manufacture and store your products in-house, your business has to deal with the frustrations and challenges of a disrupted, global supply chain. But what’s causing these issues?  One main challenge is that unpredictable product shortages from the pandemic are causing delivery delays. Last year, over 60% of manufacturers said they dealt with

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Drill Pipe Protectors You’ll Love

Recently, the EIA forecasted global consumption of petroleum and liquid fuels will average 99.4 million b/d for all of 2022, an increase of 2.1 million b/d from 2021. They further expected the same increase in 2023. With the consistent rise of global demands, it’s critical to protect your drill pipe investments to achieve your own production

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oil rigs around the world trust MSI Pipe Protection

Pipe Protectors around the world

No matter where you are in the world, when you see “the swoosh,” you can trust that you are buying a Nike product. Their logo has become a symbol of Nike’s status as a global leader in athletic wear. You can say the same thing about Apple’s iconic symbol. You know the product you are

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