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MSI Pipe Protection and Pipe Caps

The Advantages to Using MSI’s Large Plastic Pipe Caps

When it comes to oil production, hardware protection is vital. Thankfully, MSI has several products that can help protect your pipes and preserve their usage. These include thread protection, lifting bail, pipe chocks, pipe storage, a stabbing guide, drill pipe protectors, and large plastic pipe caps. Let’s look at four key advantages of using MSI’s

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MSI's Rhino Tubular Handling System

The 4 Benefits of MSI’s Rhino Tubular Handling System

For nearly four decades, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has designed and manufactured Rhino Tubular Handling System as a safe and highly effective method of bundling, lifting, and transporting tubular stock around the world. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has a longstanding reputation as a top manufacturer and supplier of pipe protection equipment. Keep reading to learn

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sucker rods

NOV Introduces New Ideal™ Electric Frac Fleet

MSI is always on the lookout for new and exciting innovations to the oil and gas industry.  While controversial, fracking is an ongoing and important part to the industry as a whole.  While current systems have been adapted over the years to comply with environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) to improve functionality, the system

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oil rigs and covid 19

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Oil and Drill Pipe Protector Industries

All employees in the oil industry, including drill pipe protector suppliers, have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies have been forced to change their long-term plans or shift contracts, and employees have even lost jobs because of this. Offshore oil rigging companies are no exception, as construction and maintenance have slowed significantly. This is partly due to delays in

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MSI's Rhino Tubular System

The Ins and Outs of the Rhino Tubular Handling System

When your pipe handling needs require the maximum level of performance, strength, and endurance, you need the Rhino Tubular Handling System. Rhino systems have been perfected by MSI Pipe Protection Technologies over the past 40 years to make bundling, lifting, and transporting tubular stock easier and faster. Here are the top features and benefits of

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msi pipe protection

Tubular Handling: The Rhino Tubular Handling System

Transporting pipe is essential to the business as pipes are responsible for moving fluids, such as oil, from one location to another. When pipe is not in use it has to be carefully stored so that it will not be damaged.  The safe transportation and storage of pipe have long frustrated businesses because if it

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MSI stresses high quality manufacturing

Why MSI’s High-Quality Manufacturing Standards Matter

As a global leader in the Oil Country Tubular Goods (OTCG) market, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies prioritizes high-quality standards in manufacturing processes. As the demand for crude oil globally is set to surpass pre-pandemic levels at an average of 99.7 million barrels, our precision piping products can’t fail. Keep reading to learn more about our

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MSI's recycles

MSI’s Commitment to Recycling Plastic Protectors

Those involved in the oil, gas, and drilling industries know how vital pipe thread protector products are. With how essential they are for rig operations, it’s easy to see how so many of these drill pipe protectors, amongst other pipe products, get tossed to landfills and improperly disposed of. Ethical decision-making is becoming more and

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MSI Pipe Protection

4 Types of Technologies Used in Pipe Protection

When it comes to pipe protection, it’s important to understand what types of technology are available to you. From OCTG pipe protection to pipe end protectors, there are plenty of ways to get the job done. Let’s review a few of the most popular technologies being used to protect pipes from corrosion. Cathodic Pipe Protection

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MSI Pipe Storage

What You Need When Planning Your Pipe Storage Systems

If you run one of the drill pipe inspection companies in your region, you’re going to need pipe fitting storage systems. These storage systems can hold all of your pipes and keep them all protected. According to, the global demand for crude oil is projected to increase to 96.5 million barrels per day in

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offshore drilling featured image

5 Things to Know About Modern Offshore Drilling Rigs and Platforms

Oil reserves are not only found on land. Thanks to modern offshore drilling rigs and platforms, societies can tap into the vast reserves of oil and natural gas in the world’s oceans. Once a proper survey has been conducted and the perfect spot for extraction identified, offshore drilling activities can commence. It’s a much more

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thread protectors

Pipe Protection: New Or Recycled?

If you have been shopping around for pipe protection products you know these products are an investment in your business.  When pipe is damaged,it can lead to projects being delayed or canceled as well as the potential for injuries to the people on the ground managing the project.  Protection products will help to ensure that

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