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Supply chain issues and solutions

How MSI Pipe Protection avoids common supply chain issues

When people think of the supply chain, there tends to be an oversimplification of the process, but the actual process is still very complex. There were, and still are, many causes for the supply chain issues that everyone around the world faces—the Covid-19 pandemic created this mess. When Covid struck, the world shut down; every

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Tubular handling system illustration

Proper RHINO Tubular Handling System Handling in Extreme Weather

Transporting pipe and tubular products always involves risk. Even on the best days, workers could get injured or worse if not careful. This risk doesn’t even take into consideration weather. Everyone wants to work in perfect weather, but that wish can’t always be fulfilled. No matter if you are facing rain, heat, snow, sleet, or

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Pipe Chocks Are Not A Luxury

While accident prevention is always a good idea, in today’s more constrained circumstances avoiding injuries or down time is a critical component of a successful operation.

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MSI's Threat Protectors

The 7 types of Thread Protectors MSI offers and Their Purposes

In the United States, the year-over-year increase in oil production is about 60%. This growth in production is met with an ever-expanding need for more, and better, pipe protection products. MSI’s heavy-duty thread protectors ensure that your materials are kept safe and secured. Thankfully, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has plenty of various thread protectors that

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MSI's quality RHINO THS at work

The 4 Benefits of MSI’s Rhino Tubular Handling System

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies manufactures and supplies quality pipe protection tools. With our Rhino Tubular Handling System, you’ll work with high-quality products with durability in mind. Keep reading to learn more about this system and the benefits you’ll see. Simplicity Lifting and transporting pipes shouldn’t be difficult. It’s a high-quantity process, and a complicated lifting

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Keeping Your Drill Pipes in Good Condition

Drill pipes are always a significant investment when it comes to production. So, if a pipe breaks or sustains damage, the cost of added expenses to your investment can become catastrophic. The drill pipes must be working optimally to keep a drilling operation up and running. A fundamental way to do this is by using drill

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oil-rigs- north-south-America

North and South American Oil Rig Production

The current situation between Russia and Ukraine will increase demand for oil rig production from North and South America. Reuters reports that the U.S. is expected to increase its crude oil output to 720,000 barrels per day or 11.91 million barrels per day. A Texas Tribune report states that Texas will be responsible for almost half of with 5.3

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Drill pipe storage

Drill Pipe Storage and Handling: Four Types and What They Do.

Drill pipe storage and handling are an essential part of any oil and gas company. They ensure the pipes are safe when they are being stored, transported, and handled. They also assure that your company’s operations are not halted and that they continue to run safely. Pipe storage and handling has many benefits for pipes

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drill pipe damage causes

Drill Pipe Damage and Common Causes

MSI is proud to offer a wide variety of pipe protection products that help protect tubular products to ensure they are always in the best working condition possible when they arrive on the job site. Not sure pipe protection products are something you need to invest in? Looking at how drill pipe is usually damaged

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