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Unraveling the Impact of Pipe Damage on Operational Efficiency

Pipes serve as the lifeline for various industries, transporting vital resources such as oil, gas, and water across vast distances. However, these essential conduits are not impervious to damage. Whether caused by external factors like corrosion, environmental conditions, or internal issues such as pressure fluctuations or mechanical stress, pipe damage can have far-reaching consequences on

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Rhino Tubular Handling System Maintenance and Inspection: Dos and Don’ts

Rhino Tubular Handling System Don’ts When it comes to this pipe storage solution, here are the things to avoid. Don’t Neglect Regular Maintenance Avoid neglecting regular maintenance tasks for the Rhino Tubular Handling System. Skipping or delaying maintenance can lead to increased wear and tear, decreased performance, and potential equipment failure. Stick to the recommended

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Best Practices for Safe and Efficient Pipe Handling

Proper pipe handling is essential for ensuring workers’ safety and the pipes’ integrity. Accidents, injuries, and damage to equipment can occur if proper handling procedures are ignored. These practices can help mitigate risks and enhance operations. Planning and Communication Before beginning pipe handling operation, a well-defined plan is in place. This should include identifying the

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The Importance of Stabbing Guides in Preventing Leaks and Breakdowns

Stabbing guides are crucial in safely and efficiently placing oil and gas pipes, particularly during larger-diameter pipe operations. These guides assist in aligning the pipe ends accurately and preventing damage. Here are key points to understand the importance of stabbing guides. What are Stabbing Guides? Stabbing guides are essential tools employed in the oil and

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Proper Pipe Storage for Oil and Gas

Understanding the Importance of Proper Techniques for Pipe Storage Proper pipe storage is crucial in the oil and gas industry to ensure the safety of workers and the integrity of construction projects. Here are some fundamental guidelines and practices for storing pipes. Consequences of Improper Pipe Storage Corrosion and Erosion It is common practice to

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Rhino Tubular Handling Systems

Introduction to Rhino Tubular Handling Systems: What are They and How Do They Work? The Rhino Tubular Handling System (Rhino THS) is a widely recognized and trusted solution for effectively managing and transporting OCTG pipe for offshore rigs. With the Rhino THS, staging and handling large quantities of pipes becomes more efficient and secure. Here

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Thread protectors safeguard the threads of pipes during storage, transportation, and installation.

The Importance of Thread Protectors in the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry relies heavily on an extensive network of pipelines to extract and process oil and natural gas. To ensure the integrity and safety of these pipelines, the use of thread protectors is crucial. Here’s why thread protection is important to the oil and gas industry. Preventing Damage to Pipes During Transportation

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Boxes with Made in USA labels on assembly line

Reasons to Invest in American Manufacturing

Over the past few decades, global supply chains opened many new options for manufacturing products. While most businesses sought lower-cost options overseas, recent economic events and changes in consumer preferences have led to a revitalization of American manufacturing. Today, the manufacturing industry is looking to become more sustainable, digital, skilled, and resilient, according to McKinsey

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Image of metal pipes

Types of Oilfield Pipe Threads

Even though we have become a world of green economy, oil is still a valuable commodity that creates fortunes. China recently surpassed the United States in oil imports, and it seems that the situation will not change in the coming years.

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