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What You Should Know About MSI’s Credentials and Management Systems

A successful business requires capital, a strong workforce, and a much-needed product/service. It also requires top-notch, quality equipment that handles operations without serious complications. When dealing with potentially dangerous resources like oil, having the proper equipment to get the job done efficiently and safely is crucial. This is where MSI can help. MSI Pipe Protection

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plastic pipe caps

The Ultimate Guide To Plastic Pipe Caps

Pipes of all sizes are shipped by truck, rail, and boat, and most pipes are then stored in yard directly exposed to the elements. But what happens when pipes aren’t properly protected while getting from point A to point B? Anyone who works in the offshore oil industry or at a pipe storage facility knows

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perforating gun

What is a Perforating Gun and How Does It Work?

In the oil well industry, perforating guns are a standard tool used in connecting pipelines. Perforating guns are used in many industries but are commonly found in the oil and gas well industries. There are different types of perforating guns, depending on how they will be used. A perforating gun is used to create openings

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offshore drilling

Benefits and Consequences of Offshore Drilling

Offshore drilling is a double-edged sword. Extracted crude oil and natural gases help turn the gears of society from powering the most common forms of transportation to making sure lights at home can be turned on to serving as raw materials for products people consume regularly. On the other hand, many people ask if offshore

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sucker rods

How Sucker Rods Play a Role in Oil Production

Sucker rods are the primary parts of oil and gas production. These 25- to 30-foot-high grade steel rods use an up and down motion as part of a sucker rod pumping system. The rod is threaded at both ends, allowing a tight connection. This connection joins the above-ground and down-hole components of a well together.

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modern-day land rig

Modern-Day Land Rigs vs. Old-Fashioned Land Rigs

Crude oil is the lifeblood of economies. Without oil, modern society would practically come to a halt. The United States is now the largest oil producer in the world. It’s responsible for 15% of crude oil production, followed by Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Canada. This feat did not happen overnight. The pioneer oil drillers

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titan thread protectors

Overview of Titan Thread Protectors

Pipe protectors and thread protectors are necessary investments for those in the oil business. Whether preparing your assets for rig use or moving them within your local yard, thread protection lowers the risk of pipe damage due to situations like rough weather, long-term storage, or rugged transportation. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies offers superior thread protection

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oil rigs

A Complete Overview of MSI’s Rigs Around the World

The number of rigs around the world varies. The operation of oil rigs depends on the economic activity in a specific region or across the globe. The amount of oil in storage also matters because it signals whether the oil demand is rising or falling. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies reports on oil rig location maps

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Pipe Thread Protection

Pipe Thread Protection: What Do I Need?

When you handle tubular products, you know how important they are to the overall success of your business, so it makes sense to protect them at all times.  When you shop for pipe protection products you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of products, leaving you unsure of what products are best suited to

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Top Reasons to Utilize Tubular Handling Systems

Working with pipe, you know that it is a very important asset. Without pipe, drilling could not be done. While it is one of the most important assets on any job, it is also exposed to rough elements and often rough handling.  So, many don’t think twice about how tubular products are transported or stored. 

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custom thread protection

Do You Have Custom Pipe Protection Needs?

Pipe protection has become standard in the oil and gas industry.  Companies want to protect their assets while they are in use, being transported, or in storage.  Technology is always improving, allowing pipe protection to become more advanced each year.  Despite the advances and your dedication to protecting your assets, you may notice that you

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