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history made as oil prices go negative for the first time

Making History: Oil Prices Go Negative for the First Time Ever

The oil and gas market is notoriously volatile, but amid COVID-19 it is more volatile than ever before with oil prices going negative for the first time in history on April 20, 2020. While the price drop has some consumers rushing to fill their gas tanks affordably, oil producers and investors are reeling. Louis Dickson,

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sprawling area of oil storage tanks

Oil Storage: Are We Running Out of Space to Store Oil?

We are living in unprecedented times and the times have certainly had an impact on oil supply, demand, and production.  Airlines have limited flights and are not buying or using jet fuel like they were before COVID-19 changed the way we live.  Consumers are not filling up their gas tanks as often as about half

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man with pad checking ISO 9001

Why Having ISO 9001 Certified Pipe Protection Supplier Matters

Pipe protection matters. Your pipes are an investment in your business and safeguarding those pipes protects the investment and your overall bottom line. In this case, pipe protection purchases can also be an investment in your business. Purchasing from an ISO 9001 certified supplier ensures your pipe protection products are manufactured with consistency and continuous

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Oil Industry Bailout? Industry Leaders Say ‘No Way’

COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, has impacted people the world over, effectively stopping day-to-day life in many regions of the world.  Many industries are being impacted negatively by the spread of the virus, with the oil and gas industries among the hardest hit.  In recent days, White House Insiders have stated that the Trump Administration

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oil rigs in oil field

Why Oil Prices Are Crashing: What You Need to Know

Even people who are not generally aware of oil prices have likely heard that oil prices are dropping.  This is big news that is impacting not just the United States, but the world at large.  When you understand why oil prices are dropping, you understand why this is important news for everyone, including the everyday

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World Pipe Thread Protectors

Get to Know Our Guardian Drill Pipe Protectors

Drill pipe protectors are a vital piece of equipment for oil and gas operators. The significant investment that Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) requires means that producers need the highest quality protective equipment available on the market today. With MSI Pipe Protection Technologies’ Guardian line of drill pipe protectors, operators can rest assured they are

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common drill pipe and drilling issues

Addressing 8 Most Common Drill Pipe and Drilling Issues

Oil and gas industry operations cannot control all of the trials and tribulations that may come with exploration and drilling activities. However, operators can anticipate common problems and issues and be prepared for them with the necessary equipment and support in case something bad does occur. What types of drill pipe and drilling issues may

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safety first gear

All Things Drill Pipe Safety – What You Need to Know

Few working environments present a bigger risk to operational and occupational safety than the oil and gas industry. Due to the remote locations of rigs and the type of activities that take place during oil and gas operations, focusing on safety is a primary concern for regulators, producers, and other associations. According to the International

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Drill Pipe Protectors You’ll Love

Even after revising their forecasts for 2020, the EIA expects global liquid fuel demand to grow in the coming year. New well completions will continue to increase the industry’s daily yield, with the latest numbers suggesting an average production increase of 1 million b/d during 2020. As the EIA expects oil prices to trend downward

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Important Things to Know About Protecting Your Pipe Threads

Rising economic pressure on the oil and gas industry will require operators to revisit their market outlooks over the short and medium-term. OPEC’s revised industry outlook (released in November 2019) indicated that the energy sector continues to face “challenging” times as growth will slow from 1.4 million b/d to 0.5 million b/d by the end

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