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MSI pipe protection

Will the Election Impact the Oil and Gas Industry?

An American presidential election year always brings questions about how the election outcome will impact business. This is especially true for the oil and gas industry, as political interests often affect rules and regulations as well as foreign policy.   2020 has already been a unique year in terms of impacts on the oil and gas

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blue cap pipe protection products in use

Who Uses Pipe Protection Products?

Pipe protection comes in many shapes and sizes dependent on the specific needs of the purchaser. Organizations from around the world rely on pipe protection products to move tubular assets from one site to another and to aid in the safe and accurate handling of tubulars on a job site.  If you are new to

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bumper rings

Bumper Rings: An Essential Pipe Protection Product

2020 has been an unprecedented year for oil and gas industry and the world at large.  Yet, even in uncertain times, it is important for companies who rely on pipe to protect their assets.  Pipe protection is an investment, but a necessary one.  Pipes should always be protected because when pipe is damaged it can

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handshakes on pipe protection

Top Three Guidelines for Choosing a Pipe Protection Vendor

Pipe protection products are a necessary investment for any business that is looking to protect their most vital asset: pipe.  Yet, when it comes time to purchase the pipe protection products your business needs, you may find that you have more choices than you anticipated.  How do you know which provider is the best fit

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Drill pipe protection stacked load

The MSI Difference: Quality Pipe Protection Products You Can Trust

At MSI, we know that our clients have many options to fulfill their pipe protection needs.  We make it our goal to provide the best quality pipe protection products, the fastest turnaround time, and service that exceeds expectations every time.  We believe these key differences set us apart from our competition with both our established

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oil field thread protectors

Benefits of Investing in Pipe Protection

When you’re in business you’re always looking for ways to save money and protect your bottom line.  Yet, some expenses are essential because they work to protect your assets.  For those in the oil industry, pipe protection products are seen more and more as a necessary investment to protect the overall success of the business.

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Hammer Union thread protection

MSI Thread Protection Products

In the oil industry access to your assets is important.  Most businesses in the industry find that two of their most important assets are drill pipe and their employees. Therefore, most businesses invest in asset protection such as safety training and drill pipe thread protectors, among others. When safety processes are followed and pipe is

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enhanced efficiency and safety

Lifting Bails: Offering Enhanced Efficiency and Safety

Lifting bails are an excellent device to have on hand when you are working on any project where lifting heavy tools, pipe, subs, collars, bits, and stabilizers is necessary.  Lifting or moving heavy items is necessary in the oil industry, which is innately rough, so an investment in lifting bails is an investment in your

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recycled pipe protection not ideal

Why Recycled Pipe Protection Is Not Ideal

Pipe protection products are a great investment in your business. In the oil industry, pipe is an asset. Without pipe in pristine condition, projects can be delayed or canceled altogether. As such, ensuring that pipe can be safely stored, transported, and used is worth investing in. Not only are there many different pipe protection products,

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rig count trends

Rig Count Trends: What’s Happening and Why

The implications of COVID-19 will be far-reaching and we won’t know for some time just how deeply all industries have been impacted by the global health crisis. While many consumers don’t know much about the oil and gas industry beyond what they pay at the pump, those who are watching a may be shocked to

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digital display of OIL price at stock market

Oil Market Finishes the Quarter Up

All eyes have been on the oil industry amid COVID-19 and the pounding the industry has taken as a result of stay at home orders and decreased demand for oil. While rig counts are historically low and thousands who work in the industry are currently furloughed, somehow the oil market has closed out the quarter in good

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man inspects safety systems in an oil industry

Oil Industry Solutions That Are Improving Safety

The oil industry is inherently dangerous due to how oil is extracted from the earth, its transportation, and the refining and storage process. Luckily, over time as technology and insight has improved, the industry has been discovering solutions that can be implemented to improve safety in everyday operations. Pipe Protection Pipe failure can cause many

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