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Pipe Protection Helps Ensure Oil Rig Safety Measures

With an unprecedented increase in US oil and gas production, the protection of industrial equipment and human resources remains a vital concern. Any Lost Time Incident (LTI) influences the bottom line. Consequently, as the market currently favors US producers, making every effort to avoid a production stoppage is critical. With high-quality pipe protection and handling

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North and South American Oil Rig Production

The recent geopolitical events in the Middle East will increase demand for oil rig production from both North and South America. The U.S. surpassed other world producers in December 2018, with Texas producing almost half of the approximately 11.5 million barrels per day. Similarly, while Venezuela traditionally leads South America in production, Brazil has stepped

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Energy Production from Texas Oilfield Basins

US oil and natural gas production are currently experiencing an unprecedented era of growth. This is largely due to the Texas oilfield basins and new developments in the extraction technologies applied. With new extraction methods, the region has doubled its daily production over the last decade. With increases in the world’s demand for oil, higher

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Indisputable Benefits of Pipe Protection for OCTG

As global demand for oil and gas rises, producers must ramp up production while looking for new efficiencies in operations. Though the number of rigs in the US decreased over the last year, production continues to rise. And oil producers are finding new ways to extract higher volumes from existing wells. Lower CAPEX limits mean

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Pipe Protection and Proper Storage for OCTG Investments

For both offshore rigs and oilfields, one of the biggest expenses remains the OCTG equipment. This is because operators need tons of pipe to make up the bulk of a well’s infrastructure. Whether it’s for a new well completion, or improving the yield and lifecycle of an existing one, the tubes, casings, and pipes require

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Wire Mesh Coverings VS. Perforating Gun Protectors

Perforating gun technologies and operations have grown with the ever-burgeoning oil and gas industry. The complex process to ensure optimum well performance has led to the production of several varieties. This also includes the required protection tools. The two main tools that operators use to safeguard drilling pipes are wire mesh coverings and perforating gun

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Best Practices for Utilizing Tubular Handling Systems

Every well’s production quantity and total yield relies on the infrastructure used in the downhole. If any section fails due to stress, fatigue, or undiscovered damage, you’ll need to shut down the well. The pump them will then have to conduct repairs. Consequently, this can lead to both expensive rework and a loss in revenue.

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Top Perforating Gun Safety Practices

When it comes to oil well perforation today, drilling engineers have come a long way in advancing technology. With the passing of each decade, they discover more innovative ways to run stringed casing down the wellbore to connect it to the reservoir. Once they fire the perforating guns to punch holes in the casing, that

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The Average Life Expectancy of OCTG

All Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) require a significant investment for well operators while oil and gas consumption continues to rise. To ensure pumpers remain capable of producing the necessary quantities, the drill pipes, casings, and tubes need to operate efficiently and according to their design lifecycles. The greater the wear on the well’s infrastructure,

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How Perforating Gun Thread Integrity Impacts Safety

To streamline perforating operations and reduce the risks of misfires, operator down-hole time and assembly maintenance of perforation guns is key. Unfortunately, weak, damaged or moist perforation gun threads can compromise fracking operations. In other words, damaged threads can delay operations and cause major injuries due to explosions or malfunctions. This is why it is

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Maintaining the Integrity of Perforation Gun Threads

Whether it’s for standard vertical wells or hydraulic fracturing completions, perforation guns and their accuracy can influence the overall performance of your operation. Once casings are in place and outer cement layers are ready, a perforation gun will penetrate the well’s sides. And this is what allows for hydrocarbon extraction. Key Role in Energy Extraction

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Women in the energy industry

Women in the Energy Industry

Everyone has big dreams as a child. However, oftentimes, people still tell girls that they shouldn’t choose a certain career because it’s a “man’s job”. Even in the 21st century, it seems that women still aren’t choosing careers that are traditionally in male-dominant fields, like the energy industry. Fortunately, this trend is steadily changing. We

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