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oil rigs

A Complete Overview of MSI’s Rigs Around the World

The number of rigs around the world varies. The operation of oil rigs depends on the economic activity in a specific region or across the globe. The amount of oil in storage also matters because it signals whether the oil demand is rising or falling. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies reports on oil rig location maps

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Pipe Thread Protection

Pipe Thread Protection: What Do I Need?

When you handle tubular products, you know how important they are to the overall success of your business, so it makes sense to protect them at all times.  When you shop for pipe protection products you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of products, leaving you unsure of what products are best suited to

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Top Reasons to Utilize Tubular Handling Systems

Working with pipe, you know that it is a very important asset. Without pipe, drilling could not be done. While it is one of the most important assets on any job, it is also exposed to rough elements and often rough handling.  So, many don’t think twice about how tubular products are transported or stored. 

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custom thread protection

Do You Have Custom Pipe Protection Needs?

Pipe protection has become standard in the oil and gas industry.  Companies want to protect their assets while they are in use, being transported, or in storage.  Technology is always improving, allowing pipe protection to become more advanced each year.  Despite the advances and your dedication to protecting your assets, you may notice that you

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MSI pipe protection

NOV Launches Sour Service Drill Stem Products

MSI is always on the lookout for new products and services that can work in conjunction with our pipe protection products.  NOV has recently launched their sour service drill stem product line that when paired with MSI’s product offering, can help oil and gas companies protect their pipe even in the most rugged regions of

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thread protectors

Making Thread Protection a Part of Your Business Success

As a business in the oil and gas industry, you know your equipment needs to be in great condition to perform well and safely.  This is precisely why more businesses have made thread protection a necessary part of their overall business plan and strategy for success.  When you protect assets consistently, you’ll find that business

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Pipe protection products

Choose Mega™ Thread Protectors for Optimum Protection

Thread protection is essential to protecting your tubular products.  If you have found that standard duty thread protection is not quite enough or you would like to up the ante on your protective measures, selecting the heaviest duty thread protection is always a great option.  MSI is proud to offer thread protection offerings, such as

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NOV Falcon Reamer

NOV Launches the Falcon Reamer

Technology today is ever-improving.  Continued technological improvement has impacted the oil industry greatly, with new improvements making drilling more efficient, effective and safer than ever before.  With drilling taking place all around the world, new challenges are being discovered and overcome continually, often with the help of new technology.  NOV recently launched the Falcon Reamer,

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pipe protection

Ultra™Thread Protection: The Benefits

Looking for thread protection that is a step above the standard offerings?  Premium thread protectors offer added protection.  MSI is proud to offer our Ultra™ thread protectors that will protect your tubular assets while in storage, during transport, and handling.  The benefits associated with this level of protection make it a great option for many

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MSI Pipe Protection

Why MSI for Your Pipe Protection Needs

Pipe protection is important to a variety of industries as pipe is essential to any business where a fluid is moved from one location to another for use or processing.  The handling of pipe is inherently rough as it often involves moving through earth and being transported from one location to another.  Because pipe is

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thread protectors

Choosing Your Thread Protector Material

If you are new to pipe protection, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of products available.  Thread protectors are one of the most commonly used forms of pipe protection, and even then you have some great options in terms of type, durability, and even material.   MSI offers thread protector options in several different

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