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MSI Offshore Drilling

Key Differences Between Offshore Drilling and Onshore Drilling

To those not entirely familiar with the industry, it may appear that the only difference between onshore drilling and offshore drilling is that one is on land and one is not. There is, however, an abundance of differences between the two. If you are in or thinking about getting involved in, the drilling industry, it

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Oil and Gas Production

How MSI’s Pipe Protection Can Increase Your Oil Production

According to Statista, demand for crude oil across the globe in 2020 was projected to increase to 96.5 million barrels per day in 2021. When it comes to your oil production, protecting your hardware is the best way to ensure that your equipment is operating at its highest potential. That’s why utilizing items like a

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Pipe Protection Experts

How Can the Experts at MSI Satisfy Your Pipe Thread Protection Needs?

Anyone working in the oil and gas industry knows how essential pipes and other oil country tubular goods are to day-to-day operations and product transport. In the United States, 565 million barrels are extracted annually from offshore drilling. In the rough conditions found on many drill sites, pipes get knocked around, threads get damaged, and

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common drill pipe and drilling issues

Addressing the 8 Most Common Drill Pipe and Drilling Issues

Oil and gas industry operations cannot control all of the trials and tribulations that may come with exploration and drilling activities. As we will demonstarte below, there are always issues that the industry will face including, among other problems, drill pipe issues.  Operators can, however, anticipate common problems and issues and be prepared for them

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Stabbing guides

Your Stabbing Guide Guide: Standard Duty vs Heavy Duty

According to, there are nearly 125 oil rigs in operation in the Gulf of Mexico. For operators on these oil rigs, and for all working in the oil industry, having intimate stabbing guide knowledge will benefit your company. The proper stabbing guide ensures that your pipes and threads remain undamaged — lowering the risk

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MSI Office Covid Protocols

How MSI Pipe Protection is Adapting to COVID-19 in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on a lot of tough times for businesses across the world. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has been a testament to the perseverance of the constant changes of regulations for businesses. Over the course of nearly two years, we have had to adjust to regularly changing guidelines but we never stopped

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What Industry Insiders Have to Say About Oil Country Tubular Goods

Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) refers to tubing, casing, and drill pipe used in the petroleum industry. While it can easily be overlooked, tubular protection plays a vital role in oil and gas, well and pipeline designs, and facilitating the safe and efficient transportation of oil and gas. OCTGs are utilized for both onshore and

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ISO certified pipe manufacturer

What You Should Know About MSI’s Credentials and Management Systems

A successful business requires capital, a strong workforce, and a much-needed product/service. It also requires top-notch, quality equipment that handles operations without serious complications. When dealing with potentially dangerous resources like oil, having the proper equipment to get the job done efficiently and safely is crucial. This is where MSI can help. MSI Pipe Protection

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plastic pipe caps

The Ultimate Guide To Plastic Pipe Caps

Pipes of all sizes are shipped by truck, rail, and boat, and most pipes are then stored in yard directly exposed to the elements. But what happens when pipes aren’t properly protected while getting from point A to point B? Anyone who works in the offshore oil industry or at a pipe storage facility knows

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perforating gun

What is a Perforating Gun and How Does It Work?

In the oil well industry, perforating guns are a standard tool used in connecting pipelines. Perforating guns are used in many industries but are commonly found in the oil and gas well industries. There are different types of perforating guns, depending on how they will be used. A perforating gun is used to create openings

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offshore drilling

Benefits and Consequences of Offshore Drilling

Offshore drilling is a double-edged sword. Extracted crude oil and natural gasses help turn the gears of society, from powering the most common forms of transportation to making sure lights at home can be turned. They even serve as raw materials for products people consume regularly. On the other hand, many people ask if offshore

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