Benefits of Pipe Protection in the Water Well Industry


A clean, fresh, and stable water supply is crucial to the success of any city, and pipe protection technology from MSI goes a long way toward ensuring the viability and sustainability of that water supply. For decades, we’ve been privileged to offer durable and reliable products to engineers, contractors, irrigation districts, utilities, and other users. Read on to learn how our products benefit the water well industry.

Light Weight

Our pipe thread protectors and other protective materials offer a significant weight advantage over traditional options. The relatively low weight of these products means that they’re easier to move, and workers are less likely to suffer injury. Products can be installed and dismantled more quickly, and they’re cheaper to move. Most transport companies charge according to weight, and because our pipe protection products are lighter, companies can move bigger loads.


Protective products make water pipes resistant to fracture, which is another important performance advantage. While steel, copper, and PVC are relatively rigid compounds, casings, sleeves, and line pipe protectors protect them from external loads like road traffic.

Water Tightness

Joint tightness is a vital requirement for all piping applications, but it’s especially important in the water well industry. Water pipes typically use gasketed, solvent cement, or gasketed joints, and while these are normally watertight, accidents and failures sometimes happen. With pipe protection technologies from MSI, minor leaks are less likely to have a major effect.

A Lower Friction Coefficient

When a water piping system is designed, pressure and flow rate are primary concerns. In every case, piping is chosen based partly on the inner surface’s flow rate and friction coefficient. However, external factors can sometimes make piping less efficient. However, with proper pipe protection, encrustation, corrosion, and tuberculation are virtually eliminated. When water pipes are protected, designs become more efficient, performance increases, and maintenance costs are reduced.

Increased Safety of Materials

PVC, copper, and steel are all safe, non-toxic, and well-researched materials used in the water well industry. Our thread protectors and other protective pipe materials are made even safer today, to ensure that mold, corrosion, and other problems are reduced or eliminated along the water pipeline.

Varying Pipeline Lengths

Pipes come in lengths of six meters or more, but other lengths are available as required by certain applications. With shorter pipelines there are fewer joints, which makes it doubly important to protect those few joints. At the same time, MSI can provide custom sizing to fit various pipe with a simple phone call to discuss your industry needs. As an industry standard leader, our goal is to always find innovative ways to ensure the continued viability and integrity of any water pipeline.

Greater Design Versatility

The physical attributes of water piping allow project managers, engineers, and designers a great deal of freedom when designing products and solutions. With our pipe protection products, PVC and metal water pipes become even more versatile.

Water makes the world go ‘round, and we’re proud to help utilities, private companies, and other firms bring fresh, clean, and drinkable water to cities and towns around the world. Browse our website to learn more about our top-quality pipe protection products, request a quote, or speak with one of our customer service experts toll-free at 1-877-276-9208.

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