Best Practices for Protecting Drill Pipe Threads


Oil and gas operators and end-users know how crucial having pipe thread protection can be. It is a key component for successfully operating any drilling site and oilfield. Top-quality manufacturers like MSI Pipe Protection Technologies design thread protectors to completely cover and protect screw threads. They can also protect pipe threads against damage from collision, corrosion, contaminants, and anything else that might damage them. Perhaps the real beauty of thread protectors is you can use them on steel tubing, drill pipes, and various OCTG.

Know Your Pipe Threads

Drill pipe and other forms of OCTG come in various sizes depending on the type of operation and required equipment. This is why it is crucial that end-users and suppliers have the right kinds of piping and oilfield equipment on hand at all times. Moreover, the pipe threads, pipe ends, and connections on any kind of oil country tubular good will always be delicate and sensitive to damage.

It is also important to have the proper protection for each kind of piping and equipment that you will use on the field. And to reduce the risk of damage, it’s best to ensure that your operations consistently adhere to API safety standards. This also includes using the right kind of protective applications for all your equipment.

Protect At All Times

One key aspect of maintaining the integrity of your investments is to protect them during every stage of operation. Operators should preserve pipe threads, ends, and pipelines with necessary protective tools during transportation, equipment handling, and storage.

Invest in Quality Assurance Pipe Thread Protection

To ensure that you purchase only the highest quality pipe thread protection, connect with an API standard leader like MSI. Our versatile line of pipe protection products provides a quality assurance that you can always rely on. Regardless of the kind of OCTG equipment and tools you require for your operations, we’ve got you covered.

Perhaps the wisest practice for protecting your drill pipe threads is to explore our product offerings. From our exclusive lines of thread protectors, pipe storage, and handling tools, to our custom products, accessories, and services, you have what you need when you need it. Discover more with MSI Pipe Protection Technologies. We help you deliver protected pipe all day every day.

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