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Best Practices for Utilizing Tubular Handling Systems


Every well’s production quantity and total yield relies on the infrastructure used in the downhole. If any section fails due to stress, fatigue, or undiscovered damage, you’ll need to shut down the well. The pump them will then have to conduct repairs. Consequently, this can lead to both expensive rework and a loss in revenue. Securing the integrity of your tubular sections during handling and storage requires enhanced protection. Therefore, it’s important to consider high-end and reliable tubular handling systems as a viable solution.

The capital investment into oil and gas tubing, casing, and drill pipes remains a significant expense for well operators. To protect these investments, producers should make use of the latest handling systems. This prevents damage and improves the overall safety of personnel during operations.

Tubular Stacking and Storage Systems

The primary requirements for protecting tubular goods remains the avoidance of surface-to-surface contact, rigid support for the bundles, and adequate elevation of the stack. Stacks need to observe clearance of at least one foot from the ground to reduce corrosion damage while securing each section in the frame according to the total weight of the bundle.

Rhino Tubular Handling Systems

For heavy-duty bundling, lifting, and transporting of tubular goods, the Rhino (THS) ensures a robust and effective protection solution. The system comes with lifting eyes included, providing easy bundle management during all handling and transport activities. MSI tests the lifting eyes up to 46 tons and easily accommodates the 12-ton required lifting capacity. Our tubular handling systems ensure complete contact avoidance of the tubes and casings while guaranteeing the safety of transporters and handling crews.

API Standards and Best Practice Guidelines

The incorrect stacking and storage of tubular bundles can lead to both safety risks for personnel as well as system failures during or after installation. With MSI Pipe Protection Technology’s handling and storage solutions, the entire lifecycle from source to destination remains secured. All of our products comply with the latest API guidelines and specifications, ensuring the highest quality protection of your OCTG investments.

Additionally, we design our systems with longevity and durability in mind. The manufacturing quality of the molded parts and the metal interconnections will ensure your goods reach their destination safely and securely.

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