bumper rings

Bumper Rings: An Essential Pipe Protection Product

2020 has been an unprecedented year for oil and gas industry and the world at large.  Yet, even in uncertain times, it is important for companies who rely on pipe to protect their assets.  Pipe protection is an investment, but a necessary one.  Pipes should always be protected because when pipe is damaged it can delay projects and downtime costs due to damages are much more costly than the cost of pipe protection.  Bumper rings are one form of pipe protection that can be especially beneficial.

bumper rings

Bumper Rings: An Important Investment in Pipe Protection

Pipe protection comes in many different forms.  It is common for those who handle pipe to think of pipe protection that is used when pipe is being used, such as stabbing guides or lifting bails, but pipe also needs to be protected when it is being stored or transported and this is where bumper rings can be quite effective.

Ideally, pipe should be stored and transported on flat surfaces, with their entire length supported and reinforced.  Unfortunately, it is not always possible to store or transport pipe in this manner, making bumper rings an essential tool.   These rings protect the pipe by reducing pipe to pipe contact while being stored, moved, or transported.  Protecting pipe helps to reduce the losses that companies face from both damage and corrosion, overall working to protect the company bottom line.

Not only do bumper rings protect pipe when being transported and stored, but they also help with organizational processes. Stock counts are much more straight forward when pipe is separated with the aid of these pipe protection products. This is a secondary benefit, but one that should not be overlooked.

The highest quality rings are generally made from polyethylene or EVA compounds, making them impact resistant.  Purchasing high-quality bumper rings may be more costly initially, but also allows for them to be used repeatedly.   This makes bumper rings an investment that will continue to benefit the company over time.

MSI Wants to Be Your Bumper Ring Provider

Organizations in search of the highest quality bumper rings need not look any further than MSI.  Our rings will help avoid corrosion and damage to pipe while in storage and during transportation and can be used multiple times to protect tubular investment. Want to learn more about our products?  You can contact us or today!  We look forward to working with you!


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