What Can You Expect From Custom Thread Protection?


How do you know when your operation requires custom thread protection? You need it when your procedures involve irregular thread connections that you cannot find with API (American Petroleum Institute) standards. And with that, you’ll need customizations to meet your critical operational objectives. Custom thread protection can come in all sizes and connections, and manufacturers can tailor them specifically to your threads and objectives.

Oil and gas professionals understand how crucial it is that tubulars and downhole equipment maintain their integrity. And, only high-quality pipe protectors can ensure impeccable protection and storage for all your oilfield equipment. With custom protection, companies are always assured that their investments are safe. Custom thread protection can drastically reduce and/or eliminate the odds of tubular damage. And, companies that require uniquely-sized thread protection can always look to MSI Pipe Protection Technologies for custom-designed products.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose custom protection:

1. Expertly Determined Materials For Best Product Performance

Today, there are many different types of materials that manufacturers use to create pipe protection products, including steel and plastics. Your company can work with a manufacturer to select the right mix of materials needed for custom thread protection. However, it is important that you rely on the industry knowledge of an experienced manufacturer. In doing so, you can expect their product design skills to extend even to their choice of materials used to develop products.

The design/engineer teams typically know what materials they can process to yield the best tolerances for performance. Ultimately, this ensures that your protectors and other special products are exceptionally durable and reliable for delivering outstanding performance. MSI always offers optimal recommendations to help companies obtain the most appropriate custom thread protection available for safeguarding their equipment.

2. Getting the Perfect, Custom Fit

While manufacturers provide a full range of standard protector options, a customer’s use of custom threads requires custom protectors. For unique threaded applications, standard sizes and connections that are common to most API thread protectors may not be available. Therefore, they also may not properly meet your protective requirements. As a leading manufacturer, MSI will determine the actual size and connection of the threads, along with their performance requirements.

We also take into consideration various account factors like engagement, impact protection, moisture prevention, and ease of installation. Simply put, when you ensure that your threaded surfaces are covered, that isn’t always enough. You’ll also need to factor in your protection objectives and/or storage needs.

3. Custom Designs Made Right and When You Need Them

Oil and gas explorations continue to move forward in the area of advancing technology and operations. Shouldn’t your thread protector manufacturer be capable of the same? It’s always best that you select a manufacturer with decades of experience and authority in the industry. As a result, you typically have access to the advancing technology that is used to make superior protectors.

Whether you use robotic automation or coordinate measuring, it’s important that your operation has access to the best in plastic manufacturing. MSI’s Quality Assurance testing lab is stocked with the best in testing equipment. We do this because we believe in doing all things right the first time. Therefore, we test everything from the raw materials we use to the performance of the product. Furthermore, your company is always assured that you’re receiving the best level of protection.

Lastly, our design and engineering teams work with your product prints and specifications to create a protective device. We ensure that your products meet all of your critical needs. Custom options always work best if you must choose between non-threaded cap/plugs or devices specifically tailored to your application.

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