Drill Pipe Protection’s Vital Industry Role


Drill pipe protection has a pivotal role in the Oil & Gas drilling industry. In fact, most drilling activities take place in or around harsh environments. This includes salt water bodies –which expose drilling to corrosive and damaging elements. Certain environmental elements can seriously affect and wear down drill pipe, altering optimum performance and functionality. As such, drill pipe protection is needed to reduce wear and tear — and ultimately protect your company’s oilfield equipment and investment.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is an industry standard leader in drill pipe protectors. In fact, our products are essential to transporting, storing, and protecting drill pipe used to extract vital natural resources. We are also pleased to announce that we’ll be attending the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) Annual General Meeting in Austin, TX, on November 8th — 10th.

This important meeting is crucial to those in the oil, gas and drilling industries. IADC’s keynote conference provides ideal networking opportunities for participants — and drilling industry providers and leaders. Each year, the conference features prominent speakers from within the industry, as well as those from the governmental sector, coming together to discuss strategies and updates vital to overall future industry advancements.

The Importance of Pipe Protection

For any drilling project, protectors reduce wear and tear issues across the board. These mishaps tend to occur when drilling pipe is faced with abrasion and shock forces. Abrasion seriously damages drill pipe functionality, and can result in extensive repairs and costly damages. Therefore, it is vital that companies have the right types of pipe protectors from MSI. Our pipe protection products are proven to effectively cover and protect equipment, and prevent unwanted steel-to-steel contact. This ultimately lowers damage rates on wellhead casing systems, and maintains the strength and durability of drill pipe.

Pipe Protection from MSI

Products from MSI Pipe Protection Technologies equals durability, quality, and efficiency. Our drill pipe protectors can be manufactured from any one of several materials: steel, lightweight plastics, or heavy-duty plastics. Moreover, they are designed to protect the entire thread form and seal on both external and internal pipe threads.

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