How Drill Pipe Protectors Greatly Reduce Pipe Wear


Those working within the mining industries, as well as the oil and gas drilling industries, know all too well how heavy drilling activities often take place in harsh environmental conditions. Preventing corrosion is essential to ensuring operational safety, and maintaining the integrity of equipment, especially when it comes to preserving drill pipe. Thankfully, drill pipe protectors can significantly reduce pipe wear and tear. Read on to find out how.

The Vulnerability of Drill Pipe

Though drill pipe is generally fabricated using durable materials, they do have some weak points. A drill pipe’s threads tend to be prone to damage during transport, storage, and routine use. Furthermore, there are application vulnerabilities that must be consistently protected and maintained for safe use. For example, when drill pipe is subjected to intense abrasion and shock forces this eventually causes wear and tear, especially near the lower sections of drill risers and casings.

At the same time, there is the drill string, which is designed to be flexible in order to allow them to move laterally inside wells. The application of drilling forces can cause the joints between drill strings to move in different directions, generating frictional forces and causing excessive wear to string joints and bit surfaces. As such, most of the drill pipe’s integrity must be preserved. Drill pipe protectors, as well as other protective casings and drill string covers, become a vital part in ensuring successful application and operations on any industry-related site.

Maintaining Drill Site Safety

Adequate safety with pipe protection doesn’t just prevent unnecessary drilling material wear and tear, it also helps ensure the safety of everyone working on the job site. Drill pipes are designed to rotate at remarkably high speeds, which generates an incredible amount of stress force; if one of these pipes were to fail while running full-tilt, worker injuries and even fatalities could easily take place, in addition to substantial structural damage. However, there is a simple solution to avoiding these kinds of potentially grave consequences – using drill pipe protectors to reduce the wear that all-too-often leads to premature failure of drilling and mining equipment.

Thread Protectors

The easiest way to ensure that pipe arrives at an intended destination with its threads fully intact and ready for use, is to use high-quality plastic, durable plastics, and/or steel pipe protection. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies’ top-performing thread protectors are designed to reduce the chances of dirt and debris getting stuck in the pipe threads and causing damage.

Reducing Operational Costs

In addition to providing for the safety of workers and equipment, utilizing drill pipe protectors and other pipe protection products from MSI allows drilling operations to cut down on the operational costs associated with routine maintenance and equipment repairs. The amount of money required to install preventative measures is minimal in comparison to the financial losses that would be incurred due to premature equipment failure.

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