Drill Pipe Storage and Handling: Four Types and What They Do.


Drill pipe storage and handling are an essential part of any oil and gas company. They ensure the pipes are safe when they are being stored, transported, and handled. They also assure that your company’s operations are not halted and that they continue to run safely. Pipe storage and handling has many benefits for pipes during OCTG transportation, equipment storage, and tubular handling. Here are four different types of drill pipe storage and handling tools that can benefit your company and your tubular assets.

Pipe Chocks

MSI's quality pipe chocks hard at work

Pipe chocks are pyramid-shaped wedges that are nailed down to a surface to give the pipes a place to lay without movement. They help keep your drill pipes from jostling and coming loose during transport by providing the pipes a stable position to rest. Pipe chocks keep your pipes from damaging one another and help you maintain safety regulations. They are easy to install and remove as necessary. We recommend changing your pipe chocks if the nail holes look worn or damaged. This replacement will help avoid the chock separating from its surface. Also, replace your pipe chocks if the shape of the chock has changed in any way. This replacement is an essential feature for stability. Any change in that angle, particularly a flattening, would render the chock ineffective and unsafe.

Thread Protectors

MSI's superior Drill Pipe Thread Protectors

Thread protectors are applied to the ends of the pipe to protect the metal threads from wear and tear.  Damage can come from elemental corrosion, rough handling, and metal-to-metal contact during transportation.   OCTG thread protectors also ensure that no foreign object unknowingly enters the pipe.  According to, some rigs drill as far down as 2 kilometers beneath the surface.  The risks that come with deep-water drilling mean it is essential that you keep your pipes safe to ensure operations can continue.

Bumper Rings

MSI's quality bumper rings are quality pipe protectors

Bumper rings for pipes should be a priority during storage or transportation. These rigns keep the pipes from bumping into each other, which can cause damage to one another. Bumper rings also help prevent corrosion on the surface of the pipes as well due to the extra airflow between tubulars exposed to the elements.

Linings and Coatings

Linings and coatings can help extend the life of your drill pipe in aggressive downhole environments. These products achieve this by preventing corrosion, pitting, and fatigue which can result in scenarios that cause drilling operation shutdowns.

Why Should You Invest in Drill Pipe Storage and Handling?

Proper drill pipe storage and handling methods can save you time and money by keeping your pipes safe and protected during use in the field or while being stored or transported. Using these four different products can safeguard your drill pipes ensuring you get the most protection.  

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