Why Eco-Friendly Pipe Protection Products Matter

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If you’ve ever wondered why we at MSI value the importance of designing Eco-friendly pipe protection products, here’s why… Per the Energy Information Administration, US oil companies produce more than seven million barrels of oil per day; and unfortunately, with increased production comes the risk of environmental disaster. Oil spills cause extreme damage to wetlands, plants, and wildlife, not to mention the crews who clean up these messes. Below is an opportunity to learn how quality oil country tubular goods, and all our products, help protect the environment and prevent disasters.

Oilfield Products Prevent Pollution

When drilling rigs of all sizes pull oil from the earth, they may cause damage to the environment, particularly when spills occur. For instance, the Deepwater Horizon incident spilled over 200 million gallons of oil into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. However, drilling equipment, OCTGs, and pipe protection products, when used correctly, can prevent:

  • Chemical leaks during oil drilling
  • Contaminated scale or rust from equipment and piping
  • Pipeline leaks
  • Oil spills
  • Improper dumping of waste

When oil producers partner with MSI, they partner with an industry standard leader that holds quality assurance as a top priority. Companies can rest assured that all our MSI products are designed to ensure protection, safety, and reliability, while also helping to prevent further environmental damage, safety hazards, and loss of life.

Minimizing Yearly Oilfield Waste

The EPA states that, every year, the American petroleum industry creates more than 450,000 cubic feet of waste such as sludge, scale, contaminated equipment, and polluted water. However, the amount of waste created per oilfield depends on these factors.

  • The production well’s age
  • Formation conditions
  • The production operation’s type
  • The geological location

It’s estimated that almost 30% of domestic gas and oil wells produce naturally occurring radioactive material. However, the use of Eco-friendly drilling equipment and OCTGs minimizes the amount of these harmful materials brought to the surface.

Diminishing Pollution

In some cases, community members report emissions from drilling sites, compressors, and wellheads, along with water well contamination near pipelines. Some of the most common problems arise in the areas of air, water, and soil pollution, which include:

  • Air contaminants which are released throughout the process of oil development.
  • Injection of toxic chemicals close to or into drinking water supplies via fracking (hydraulic fracturing).
  • Soil pollution and decreased vegetation growth because of oil waste products such as radioactive materials, metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, and other toxic chemicals.
  • Drilling wastes that contaminate ground and surface water.
  • Water as a drilling byproduct contains elevated levels of contaminants and salt. It’s commonly stored in pits and moved into evaporation ponds, and when spills occur here, it kills vegetation and sterilizes soil.
  • Water runoff created during the construction process may bring contaminated sediment and toxins into nearby streams and rivers.

At MSI, Protection & Safety Always Matters

While it’s impossible to prevent every oilfield disaster, our Eco-friendly OCTGs, drilling equipment, and pipe protection products can help greatly reduce the risk. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is proud to work with oil producers in America and around the world, and we’re glad to do our part to minimize any harmful effects on the environment that may be caused during production and extraction operations.

To learn more about all our high-quality API standard pipe protection products, explore our site, request a quote online, or connect with one of our service experts toll-free at 1-877-276-9208.

Earth Day 2018 is Sunday April 22nd! If you’re wondering how you and your company can do your part in preserving the environment, visit: EarthDay.org

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