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MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is a global company specializing in manufacturing an array of pipe protectors – from commodity resins, to polymer alloys, and engineering-grade thermoplastics. Begun in 1980, and headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company also has offices in the UK, Canada, and Mexico.

MSI’s goal is to provide pipe protector products of the highest quality, while striving for continuous improvement of their technology. They are ISO 9001 certified, and in all of their processes they adhere to this stringent quality standard. The company routinely tests their products for fit, vibration, UV resistance, impact, strip-out, and high/low temperature environment.

Innovative Pipe Protectors

Tector™ and Tector™ Plus

Tector™ is the company’s most economical thread pipe protector. It is created only for environmental protection, yet it provides complete coverage of the thread area of pipes. This cost-effective protection is used to protect pipe threads during storage and transportation, frequently in the gas and oil fields. Tector™ is ideal for API application, is light weight to help reduce transportation costs, and ideal for short-term storage. Available in closed and open-end designs, they are completely recyclable. Tector Plus™ pipe protectors are made slightly heavier in order to meet requirements in Canada.


Titan™ is the best value on the market today in thread protection, due to its durability and ruggedness. These pipe protectors can be applied automatically by machine, or manually to the pipe. They are usually manufactured from steel or plastic that is recyclable. Their casting sizes are available in non-liftable and closed-end liftable casting sizes that are effective for API applications. Metal protectors can be re-used after cleaning. Titan™ thread protectors are ideal for long term coverage.


These solid plastic protectors offer heavy duty protection from their rugged design. Magnum™ provides outstanding thread pipe protection effectively for all grades of pipe, even alloy grade. Freight expenses and installation fatigue is reduced with these lighter weight protectors. Compared to composite designs, the Magnum™ offers significant savings. Also completely recyclable, their sizes are available in recessed liftable designs.


Featuring CNC-machined threads for a snug exact fit, the Ultra™ are ideal for an exact fit on premium connections. This eliminated back-off during handling or during storage. It also reduces the chance of any corrosion. Formulated from composite resins in all-plastic, the Ultra™ provides enhanced impact strength. These thread protectors have been designed and tested to be ideal in extreme weather conditions. They are also hot-stamped with part number and thread type permanent ID.


Mega™ is designed for those who need custom protection. Made of a composite of plastics that provide corrosion resistance, and steel that provides the best impact resistance, MSI’s custom CNC cuts these to fit your thread. With Premium and API connections, Mega™ provides easy handling due to their closed-end liftable design. Designed for offshore applications, they are ideal for large off-shore drilling.


MaxX™ is a unique product only available from MSI. After intense product development, the MaxX™ is built to withstand anything from crushing impact, to radical extremes in temperatures. Manufactured with a completely new formulation of plastic resin, MaxX™ is designed with stiffener, rib support elements, diaphragms, and durable pads to make it able to withstand anything to which it is subjected. Impact resistant, the MaxX™ is specifically designed to disperse potential impacts. The spanner holes allow an operator to remove and install with limited tools, commonly found on an oil rig.

In addition, MSI manufactures heavy-duty plastic, or all steel, drill pipe protectors, as well as lightweight ones. They also manufacture line pipe protectors for plain-end and beveled pipes. They offer proprietary custom injection molding as well. Accessories offered to meet OCTG needs include bumper rings, stabbing guides, and pipe chocks. Designed to keep pipes secure and safe during transportation, MSI’s pipe chocks are HDPE resin molded for durability, and include a nail slot design. Contact MSI if you have any questions about our pipe protectors.

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