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Get to Know Our Guardian Drill Pipe Protectors

Drill pipe protectors are a vital piece of equipment for oil and gas operators. The significant investment that Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) requires means that producers need the highest quality protective equipment available on the market today. With MSI Pipe Protection Technologies’ Guardian line of drill pipe protectors, operators can rest assured they are getting the superior quality products.

MSI Drill Pipe Protectors



Why Use Guardian Drill Pipe Protection Equipment

Drill string fatigue is the most common cause of failure in oil and gas operations. They are also the most expensive to repair. As the string constantly faces axial torque pressure and bending, it is difficult to accurately estimate the likelihood of a failure in-well. While different inspection and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods exist, it’s important to ensure drill pipes remain protected at all stages of the operation.

Drill Pipe Protection for Light-Duty Applications

As all drill strings operate under different environmental conditions, MSI’s light-duty drill pipe protectors can help extend the usable life of your equipment. Designed for short-term applications, MSI’s Guardian range of lightweight drill pipe protectors are an economical solution for producers.

Features of the Guardian lightweight drill pipe protectors are:

  • Manufactured from lightweight high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Support all standard American Petroleum Institute (API) thread profiles and sizes
  • Pin and box models for superior protection of both drill pipe ends
  • Ideal for storage and handling in yards
  • Made from completely recyclable materials
  • Open or closed-ended models available

Heavy-Duty Drill Pipe Protection Solutions

For situations in which drill pipes need to operate under harsher conditions, or when they need to remain protected during transport and extended storage, MSI’s heavy-duty protectors can help. For maximum protection, models come in either steel or extra heavy-duty plastics. If you need to store your drill pipes for extended periods or transport them to a new location, our heavy-duty range of Guardian protectors will ensure your equipment’s integrity at every stage of the journey.

Heavy-duty Guardian drill pipe protectors’ features include:

  • Recessed liftable and non-liftable models available
  • Designed for premium drill pipe thread protection against debris, moisture, dirt, impact, and corrosion
  • Plastic models made from 100% recyclable materials
  • Steel protectors have precision-engineered cut threads
  • Superior protection in extreme weather conditions

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies Has You Covered

MSI continues to provide innovative products to our customers that help them to protect their OCTG investments during every step of the production lifecycle. Our Guardian range of drill pipe protectors are quality engineered, fit for purpose, and increases the usable life of drill string equipment. To ensure reliable operations and reduce well failures, companies should use MSI’s Guardian range of drill pipe protectors.

For more information about our new Guardian range of drill pipe protectors, contact MSI Pipe Protection Technologies today.

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