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MSI Pipe Protection Technologies (or MSI as it is called for short) is a globally recognized brand which specializes in manufacturing Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTGs) – such as casing thread protectors – of the highest quality. With its headquarters being located in the heart of Houston, Texas, MSI has a particularly strong presence in the North American market, stretching its reach all across the United States and Canada. MSI also has a market presence in Central America (Mexico) and Europe (Scotland).

Top Of The Line Available Products

There are a host of API, premium and custom thread protection products engineered, designed and manufactured by EPPT. They include (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Line pipe protectors
  • Casing thread protectors
  • Drill pipe protectors
  • Bumper rings
  • Stabbing guides
  • Tubular handling systems
  • Pipe chocks
  • Plastic closures
  • Custom injection molded products
  • Oilfield accessories
  • Commodity resins
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified quality and environmental systems engineering-grade thermoplastics and polymer alloy.

Why Pipe Protection Products

OCTG is the name given to a group of seamless rolled products, including casing, tubing and drill pipes. These kinds of products are used heavily in the global oil and gas industries and markets. The protectors, manufactured by companies like MSI, help to keep OCTG products healthy and in tip top working order for as long as is reasonably possible. Therefore, pipe protection products are an important part of the OCTG industry. Without these products, the industry would not be able to function efficiently. This would be on account of frequent damage to the pipes and other OCTG products used in the industry’s production line. Frequent damage would halt production and result in subsequent loss of revenue and diminished profits.

How Protection Products Are Made

As stated before, in the OCTG industry, healthy pipelines are essential. Pipelines must remain durable and damage free to prevent leaks and other kinds of damage which can be quite dangerous. As such, so too the products that protect them must be durable and reliable. Therefore, casing thread protectors and other protection products must be made using the strongest possible material. It is for this reason that mixtures (or compounds) contain plastic and resin, and even some metals. Plastic and resin mixtures are particularly popular as they are very strong (making them less susceptible to damage), and can be reused multiple times.

More Than Just Great Products

Here at MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, quality assurance is our top priority, and it goes beyond merely manufacturing great products. We believe that how we treat our valued and loyal customers is an important part of what we offer. Therefore, in addition to providing top quality products, we are also committed to providing, friendly and efficient customer care services. We pride ourselves on having a competent staff that is willing (and able) to walk our customers through the ordering process and ensure they get exactly what they need. Call us today!

MSI is your partner in pipe protection.

We offer customized solutions, fast delivery, and excellent customer service. Call or email us today and see the difference.

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