Hurricane Season Poses Extra Issues for Pipe Storage


With hurricane season already here, oil and gas producers are facing challenges not normally experienced during quieter periods. Preventing damage to pipe in storage is one of the issues to consider when planning for damage control during the storm season. Because the severity of any one hurricane season cannot reliably be predicted, it pays to plan for a worst-case scenario.

Planning Early Makes Sense

Evaluating production and storage site conditions in advance of storms provides an opportunity to determine what protective steps would be most beneficial while it’s still relatively easy to implement strategies to minimize storm damage. Every piece of pipe not already installed will require some form of protection to reduce losses. While a variety of oilfield products are used during pipe storage, arguably the most important portion of the pipe to protect is the threads. That suggests extra steps should be taken to ensure that all possible pipe protection strategies are implemented.

Defining the Rational for Protecting Pipes

O&G companies are facing increasing scrutiny from a variety of fronts, including both governmental agencies and environmental organizations. Pipe joints must mate properly to minimize the threat of leaks and enhance the pipe’s lifespan. Threads damaged during hurricanes can, and will, create issues during installation and could easily increase the potential for leaks at some point.
Pipes damaged during a hurricane or any other weather event may be repairable, but that takes time. Extra labor to repair damaged pipe threads costs money, as do delays precipitated by the need to make those thread repairs.

Protecting Pipe Threads Isn’t Difficult

Companies are routinely finding new ways to minimize losses during pipe shipments and while pipes are in storage. The most obvious way to minimize damage to pipe threads at any point prior to installation is using some type of pipe protectors. Thread protectors offer a solid solution to the threat of pipe thread damage during storage. And, given the number of O&G companies operating in zones facing hurricanes, the threat of losses or damages from even a single hurricane is very real.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is an industry leader, providing pipe thread protection devices to oil and gas companies around the globe. Depending on an organization’s needs, MSI provides both steel and plastic pipe thread protectors, as well as various options for pipe storage. In addition, their products are designed to withstand the most rigorous conditions, including hurricanes, to reduce potential losses for producing companies.

Don’t Forget Other Protective Products

During pipe storage, there are other concerns that involve both minimizing damages to materials, and reducing injuries to workers. Items like pipe chocks, for example, are also crucial for safely storing pipes during all seasons, but especially during hurricane-prone months. Improperly stored pipe is susceptible to falling or moving unexpectedly. Any uncontrolled movement poses a significant threat to workers, meaning taking proper steps to protect stored pipe can easily reduce accidents and the costs associated with those accidents.

Hurricane season poses unique threats for oil and gas producing organizations, and the staff of MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is prepared to help companies meet those challenges. The first step is to contact an MSI representative today to determine the best solutions for your specific company’s needs.

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