Lifting Bails Thread and Shoulders Above Rest


As an internationally renowned leader in the light construction and distribution of essential components for use in the oil, drilling and energy industries, our high performance products such as our lifting bails, are manufactured in complete accordance with all the stipulated working and safety standards that they are required to adhere.

Using a combination of experience and innovation, the lifting bails can be designed to meet specific parameters of dimensional accuracy, which suit any company or location requirements. Indeed, as a supplier to multiple industries, it is a fundamental aspect of the manufacturing to deliver these crucial alternatives. Numerous connections and ranges in sizes are available, each created from top quality castings to a high yield strength, thoroughly inspected and both chemically and mechanically tested to ensure they meet the relevant and accepted standard, for which certification is provided.

The threads and shoulders of the lifting bails are all precision machined by a skilled workforce to an exact measurement. In addition, the threads are also coated with phosphate which assists in the vital protection against potential corrosion and abrasion. These are two damaging effects that have to be taken very seriously, with cracks and deformities being a genuine possibility, which would have the effect of rendering the bails unfit and consequently quarantined from action.

Therefore, the application of the phosphate to extend the life of the lifting bails is not only very creative, but also highly integral when taking into account the loads that they will have to handle.
Drill pipes and collars, tool joints and heavy weight stabilizers all need to be secure and accordingly, Safe Working Load Certificates for the lifting bails are readily available and can be acquired if and when necessary.

When not in use, the bails should always be stored away with their thread protectors in place; similarly when they are in transit the same need applies, helping to guard against the slightest damage. There is a second-generation design that has a double shoulder which provides additional support on the nose of the pin of the lifting bails, which is useful in particularly challenging drilling environments, which demand extra torque.

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