How Line Pipe Protectors Prevent Hazards & Cut Costs


Line pipe will always endure plenty of stress once they are installed and put into service. However, it’s when they are being handled, stored, or transported that they tend to be exposed to the greatest dangers, and are most in need of protection. Proper selection and use of line pipe protectors can make many hazardous issues a lot less likely, both in the near term and far into the future.

Protection That Keeps Line Pipe and Workers Safe

As with other types of pipe protection products, those designed to keep line pipe in pristine condition until they are installed can save oil and gas companies a great deal of additional financing and stress.

  • Corrosion can be ruled out as pipe end protectors prevent the entry of water and other substances that could otherwise cause trouble. When line pipe protectors in appropriate formulation are used, even reactive alloys can be kept entirely free of corrosion.
  • Damage to beveled or straight cut ends will be prevented, whether in transport or when stored for later use. It can take very little force to dent or otherwise mar the carefully cut end of a line pipe when it remains unprotected. An appropriately designed protector can absorb even heavy punishment and keep tubing in perfect shape.
  • Easier, safer storage, removal, and transportation, thanks to improved line pipe protection design. Instead of grappling with slippery, sharp-edged pipe, workers can attend to their duties with more confidence and in greater safety.

Guarding Against a Wide Range of Safety Hazards & Environmental Problems

Consistent usage of appropriate MSI line pipe protectors and accessories can make most hazardous situations and catastrophes less likely, while also delivering other benefits:

  • Pipeline problems like leaks or even explosions become far less likely to arise when well-maintained piping is installed properly, and is free of corrosion and damage.
  • Injuries on the job become less common since workers are protected from pipe ends just as line pipe is shielded from the elements and damage.
  • More efficient and confident handling cuts costs and improves productivity, as line pipe can be moved and transported more easily and with less concern over damage or injuries.

With so much to offer in quality and cost-effectiveness, products designed to protect line pipe can easily bring forth their return many times over. Get to know the high-quality line of protection products from the standard leader- MSI Pipe Protection Technologies. Speak with an expert toll-free at 877-276-9208!

MSI has the perfect pipe protection products for your needs.

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