Mega Composite Thread Protector


Mega Composite Thread Protectors Save Time And Money

Everyone in the oil field industry is aware of how expensive things are. With every new technological development comes a suite of fabulous new tools that are needed to carry out the innovation in exploration techniques. What this boils down to is that the tools of the trade are not hardware store items that can be replaced at a moment’s notice but rather precision instruments that must be carefully tended to. Not only would a replacement item be financially expensive, but it would also end up costing a great deal in the one currency that is of utmost importance in the petroleum exploration business – time.

The ultimate goal of every drill rig is to find oil, but it is also critical to do so in a prompt and cost-effective manner, since the break-even point of any well starts with how much it cost to get pipe into the ground. In addition, a rig that spends unnecessary time on one job site is unavailable for use at its next planned location. While time equals money in most endeavors, this is especially true in such a complex operation as drilling for oil. This is even more so in the case of wells being drilled offshore or in very isolated locales on land.

Because of the extreme monetary value of time in this industry, it is critically important that everything should always work properly without delay or need for repair or adjustment. For this reason, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies developed the Mega line of composite thread protectors. These caps are designed to protect both the male and female ends of a length of drill pipe.

Unlike other single-component caps, Mega thread protection caps are custom thread protectors that are comprised of an inner plastic screw-threaded insert that is highly resistant to rust, corrosion or other forms of thread damage and a protective outer cap that is made of high grade steel that will prevent damage during shipping, delivery, or movement into position on the rig.

Because drill pipe comes from factories scattered all over the world, and each production line has its own uniquely different threading machinery, it is only natural that very slight differences may sometimes be encountered in the thread pitch of the pipe in question. To guard against misthreading and potential pipe damage, the complete line of Mega products is custom CNC threaded to match the exact configuration of your pipe stock. This means that our caps will go on and off with ease under even the most dirty or inclement conditions. In addition, our closed end liftable design means that Mega thread protectors will not only keep your pipe safe during storage and transit, but it can also make deployment and recovery times shorter. When time is money, Mega thread protectors are the choice of professionals who cannot afford any delays.

Whatever size pipe you are using or what environmental conditions in which you are operating, MSI’s Mega line of custom thread protectors can help eliminate production down time and costly pipe damage. To see how your organization can benefit from composite thread protectors, contact us today!


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