MSI Pipe Protection Technologies “Thanks for a Great Year”


As many of our valued customers know, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has a new home with National Oilwell Varco (NOV). We are extremely thankful for a successful first year as part of this world-class organization under the Tuboscope Company division. At the same time, we are thankful for all our customers and clients for their patience and continued support in our transition.

Though still adjusting, we’re confident and grateful for continued progression and momentum we’ve made as MSI, an NOV/Tuboscope Company. At this time, we’d like to take a minute to reflect and share some important highlights of 2019.

Networking Pipe Protection Products and Services

We were able to display our superior line of pipe protection products and tools at the NOV annual Shrimp Boil. Fortunately, we had the pleasure of networking with an array of new companies that could benefit from our products. We also look forward to working with many of the new business leads we gained over the year in helping them deliver. Overall, MSI is happy to announce that we’ve added 65 new customers this year.

New Pipe Protection Product Offerings

Another great aspect of 2019 was the opportunity we’ve had to introduce new protection products to our customers. In other words, we were happy to experience a few expansions during this first year of acquisition with the NOV/Tuboscope Company.

For example, we were able to expand on our line of protective products with perforating gun protectors and advancements in our sucker rod caps. MSI was also able to brand a few products that previously had no specific name. Our Bumper rings are now called SpiraGuard™ rings. Please see the following list of other new brand names coming from MSI Pipe Protection Technologies…

      • Drill pipe protectors (all styles) – Guardian™
      • Clamp-On protectors – Quick-LOC™
      • Installation tools – ToughTORQ™
      • Lifting bails – BOSS Lift™
      • Line pipe protectors – LinePro™
      • Perforating gun protectors – SealTite™
      • Stabbing guides (all styles) – Roughneck™

Looking Forward to 2020 – A New Year & New Decade

Perhaps the most exciting thing we are looking forward to as a company division is that we’ll be celebrating our 40th year in business as MSI. It is always our mission to continue growing and expanding as a company so we can continue delivering protected pipe all day, every day.

In those 40 years, however, we’ve managed to accomplish many milestones since 1980. From becoming ISO 9001-certified and opening branches in Scotland, Canada, and Mexico, to launching a new state-of-the-art manufacturing HQ in Houston, we are happy for where we’ve been. We’re also happy for where we are going in the years to come, all thanks to you!

This year, MSI made a major investment in new technology in our Houston toolroom with exciting new equipment additions. However, we will be sure to share more of that in the New Year. Also, we’ll begin officially launching our new clamping protector called the Quick-LOC. More information on that product is to come in 2020 as well.

Wishing You The Warmest of Holiday Greetings

With all that we are thankful for, we remain most grateful to our valued customers. Your insight and loyalty to the MSI brand continue to keep us striving towards excellence and quality assurance. We will always provide high-quality durable products and services that you can rely on. Quality remains our product service guarantee to you.

On behalf of the entire team of MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, we thank you. We also wish you a very Merry Christmas & Prosperous New Year!


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