MSI’s Top Thread Protectors for the Canadian Oil and Gas Market

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The threads on oil and gas pipe are the most critical part of each pipe. Damaged threads may result in ill-fitting pipe connections that could leak leading to environmental hazards and costly wellsite downtime. Fortunately, MSI’s thread protectors are widely used in the Canadian oil and gas market to minimize pipe problems. With a long history of loyal service to Canada, MSI designed a customized thread protector in this market which brings additional savings. Here is a look at MSI’s top thread protectors for the Canadian oil and gas market.

1. Tector Plus (One of the Most Widely Used Products in Canada)

MSI’s Tector Plus line of thread protectors is among the most widely used in the Canadian oil and gas market. It is an upgraded version of the MSI Tector,  Tector Plus has a slightly heavier wall than the Tector designed for Canada’s drilling environment.

Tector Plus products come in a variety of thread forms to fit your exact pipe protection needs.

2. Annex I Class B Titan Line

MSI also has a range of more specialized products, like the Annex I Class B Titan line of heavy-duty thread protectors. These thread protectors are made to withstand more extreme conditions while offering additional corrosion and pipe handling protection thanks to their design. These thread protectors were designed for long-term use and they minimize environmental impact since they are recyclable. You can use these for a wide range of applications as well since, like all MSI thread protection projects, these meet API standards, which can help protect your bottom line.

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Annex I Class A MAxX Line

For the more extreme conditions and API standards, MSI has the Annex I Class A MAXX line. These thread protectors are designed to protect from corrosion, impacts during rail and truck transportation, weather conditions, and contamination of the threads of the pipe.

Get the Best in Thread Protection

MSI offers the best thread protection in the Canadian oil and gas market. Order new thread protectors today by contacting MSI for more information.

Don’t let corrosion, impact, or environmental damage ruin your pipes.

Trust MSI to deliver quality pipe protection all day, every day. Call or email us to find out more.

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