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Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) refer to collections of rolled metal products, or pipes and the accessories that are included in their manufacturing and processes. These items include, but are not limited to, thread protectors, stabbing guides, pipe chocks, bumper rings along with drill, casing and tubing pipes – the most critical element of OCTG. Pipe products are considered OCTG because of the specifications of each pipe with concerns to acceptable loading conditions, what they are capable of transferring, their strength and composition.

Drill pipes are heavy duty, strong and critical in any OCTG endeavor. The heavy, often seamless tubes are used in the rotation of the drill bit and drilling fluid where they can be joined using tool joints. When in use, pipes undergo axial tension along with high torque and internal pressure from the pipe’s own dead weight when in use, exhaust of drilling fluid, and the actual drilling and turning of the bit.

A different type of pipe used to line the borehole (the actual hole dug in the ground) is referred to as a “casing pipe”. It too, undergoes axial tension just like the drill pipe, but it differs in that it has to withstand addition pressure from the rock and sediment that it has bored into, along with pressure from the oil itself. It is also extremely heavy duty.

An additional pipe will go inside of the casing pipe, and will eventually become the pipe through which the oil will travel. This pipe is referred to as a “tubing pipe.” Tubing pipes are usually produced in segments of about nine meters (or approximately 30 feet), with threaded connectors at each end. Tubing pipes are the most simplistic of the OCTG pipe family. The connectors at the end of tubing pipes can and should be protected by drill pipe protectors during storage and transportation. This will also protect against corrosion that can happen. When tons of oil is being pumped through tubing pipes, it is imperative that there are no damages which could compromise the integrity of the pipe threading.

OCTG investments are a critical part of any drilling endeavor, and as with any type of investments, it is equally important to protect these assets through any OCTG products by MSI Pipe Protection. Our quality line of thread protectors, stabbing guides, pipe chocks, bumper rings and many other pipe protection products are considered some of the best in the industry and can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

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