What Oil & Gas Investors Should Know About Affordable Pipe Thread Protectors


Pipe thread protectors are an affordable way to protect valuable pipe equipment. Oil and gas equipment and related assets tend to be expensive, and associated failures are often even more so. A breakdown of any kind can cause bottom-line numbers to plummet as time is wasted on repairs instead of extraction or other revenue-generating activities.

While many oil and gas investors recognize the value of monitoring operations closely to avoid such unfortunate outcomes, there are other means of ensuring greater reliability and financial results. Properly protecting pipe joints while they are transported or await deployment into service can be just as important as maintaining maintenance duties in the field itself.

Transportation and Storage Are Often Stressful, Especially for Pipes

Joints of pipe which are carefully stacked and kept from the worst of elements might seem safe, yet there is often more at play than appearances indicate. The connection threads that are present in most pipes make for natural resting places for a whole host of contaminants. When left exposed to the environment, pipe threads can become susceptible to wear and corrosion, which can prove to be very expensive issues later on. Likewise, transporting pipe even the smallest of distances, can expose pipe and pipe threads to shocks and stresses that can be just as harmful. Worse still, the operational failures that may result can present issues even years down the line, especially financially.

Proactive Protection Keeps Investments Safe

Fortunately, such problems can be ruled out through the regular, consistent use of an appropriate style of thread protectors. Accessories of this type produced by MSI Pipe Protection Technologies make for an extremely cost-effective solution to what could otherwise be a financially significant problem. With over three decades of global experience, designing and turning out products of this kind, MSI consistently delivers quality products to their customers.

Designed to protect pipe with all the necessary safety in even the most challenging environments, thread protectors can also be applied and removed quickly, keeping the associated labor costs down, as well. By sealing pipe ends, keeping pipe threads away from the environment and providing a layer of shock-absorbing protection, these simple yet inexpensive accessories will often yield huge returns on the investments made in them. Certain protectors can also hold up to years of demanding usage, further improving the value equation they represent.

Today’s Most Successful Investors Agree

With petroleum prices still relatively low, successful oilfield investments inevitably require doing more with less. While peak times can mean that even relatively inefficient operations turn a profit, lean conditions demand more from all involved.

The proper selection and usage of thread and pipe protectors can be an important component of any such strategy, particularly as the returns to be expected are often so great. EnergyPoint Research ranks reliability as one of two top equipment related concerns among oil and gas industry players, and inexpensive pipe protectors can be some of the most significant contributors toward that goal.

Therefore, investors should look well into such matters before committing their own money, as details like these will often make the difference. An operation that recognizes the value of such provisions will often be one in which investors can have confidence in regarding other aspects as well.

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