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Oil Industry Solutions That Are Improving Safety

The oil industry is inherently dangerous due to how oil is extracted from the earth, its transportation, and the refining and storage process. Luckily, over time as technology and insight has improved, the industry has been discovering solutions that can be implemented to improve safety in everyday operations.

oil field safety

Pipe Protection

Pipe failure can cause many incidents, often because pipe has unknowingly become damaged. The pipe can be damaged in several ways, including while in storage, while being transported, and during use. In response to pipe damage and resulting failure, there are pipe protection products that can be employed to protect pipe in all settings.  Storage and handling solutions, bumper rings, pipe chocks, stabbing guides, thread protectors, and lifting bails are products that will protect your pipe from damage, which in turn protects people and projects.


As technology has been improving, automated technologies are improving the safety of many jobs in the oil industry such as drilling, refining, and even in the inspection of oil storage. Automated drilling is a newer technology and thus far has been quite effective in reducing overhead, while also improving the safety of workers.

Robotic oil tank inspections ensure that safety continues to be of utmost importance even after the oil has be extracted and transported for storage.  Robotic tank inspection is a newer technology that an increasing number of oil companies are subscribing due to its cost-effectivness, reduced potential risk to workers, and potential storage tank issues to be diagnosed more efficiently and effectively.

Fleet management has also improved over time.  With GPS systems able to track all equipment around the clock, even when workers are not on the job site, companies can now be alerted immediately if something is not in the right place. This technology protects equipment, people, and the bottom line of these businesses who are operating in a notoriously volatile industry.

MSI Can Provide You with Pipe Protection Solutions to Improve Safety

Pipe protection technology is a necessity for those working in the oil and gas industries.  Preserving and extending the life of valuable assets is key to providing sound products and services efficiently and safely.  Safety, efficiency, and maintained value are important in these industries, and pipe protection is essential to a reliable operation. MSI is proud to provide the latest innovative technologies in pipe protection that have been tested for maximum results.  Contact us or download a copy of our new catalog today!

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