How Oil Rigs Make Standard Preparations for Hurricanes


Curious to know what happens with oil rigs during hurricanes? It’s common -particularly in the hurricane season- for energy firms to cease or slow down operations. Besides the safety aspect, there is also the added pressure from environmentalists who always see potential catastrophic storms as threats to coastal ecosystems. The 2010 Gulf oil spill is a constant reminder to oil rig operators of the importance of ensuring that they’re secured with appropriate pipe protection. At MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, we provide you with both information and practical expertise to help you confront disasters with as little effort and stress as possible.

Standard Preparations

In preparation for hurricanes, and in accordance with API standards, oil and gas companies must have several contingency plans in place to prevent costly business interruptions- be it on land at oilfield sites, or at sea on oil rigs. For example:

  • Evacuation of non-essential personnel is mandatory.
  • Issuing regular warnings and updates on any impending disruptions.
  • Suspension of all drilling operations.
  • Closure of wells to avoid flooding.

Storm winds and resultant flooding can cause damage to critical infrastructure and equipment like storage facilities, pipe, terminals, electricity generation units, docks on oil rigs, and other essential infrastructure. In the event of significant sustained damage, replacements and repairs should be reserved for technical experts owing to the complexity of the job. Operations can only resume when weather assessment reports having given green light clearance.

Lessons from The Past

When the tide rises to violent heights and the sea turns into a ravaging beast, there’s no telling what could happen. During Hurricane Andrew in 1992, offshore refineries had to be shutdown. And in 2005, Hurricane Katrina resulted in the destruction of 50 offshore platforms. Whilst the long-term benefits of such disaster management initiatives were slighted by the immediate catastrophic damage, their active response to imminent disaster was instrumental to the speedy restoration of normal operations.

Oil and gas carrying pipelines are of strategic importance to any energy firm. They cost millions of dollars to set-up and maintain, as such, they should be prioritized, and protected with the best oilfield pipe protection products available.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is an API standard leader; and as such, we not only provide customers with top notch products, we also endeavor keep you informed of trending topics as related to the oil and gas, and drilling industries. Contact us today for a QUOTE, or call us toll free at 888-276-9208.

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