Pipe Packaging Frames: A Quality Pipe Handling Solution


Most oilfield and drilling companies know that efficient pipe protection during transportation and storage requires a highly specialized solution. That’s why companies like MSI Pipe Protection Technologies provide innovative handling systems like Raptor™ Pipe Packaging Frames. Our frames maintain the integrity of drill pipe and other tubular goods that operators use during transport, storage, and handling. After all, it’s our priority to make sure our products help your operations run smoothly, timely, and without compromising equipment. 

It’s All About Quality & Safety First

MSI’s pipe packaging frames are comprised of fabricated steel beams and profiled segments. Though the most number of segments in any system is relevant to the pipe size, our systems easily accommodate any size and length of pipe for your convenience. Our quality assurance begins with ensuring that our frames allow for versatility, convenience, and easy application. Whether you have tubing, casing, drill pipe, or other tubular goods, our frames can handle your load requirements.

This system requires you to use multi-frame assemblies, each of which can be safely secured in place by utilizing threaded bolts and locking nuts. This ensures the perfect snug fit for keeping pipe of any size in place during transit. This is incredibly important because even a tiny amount of movement could damage viable equipment or increase hazardous situations. Always keep in mind that you should secure these frames around the pipe, and only lift on the pipe itself. For lifting frames, see Rhino™ Tubular Handling Systems.

Reliability You Can Count On

At MSI, we create our packaging frames in standard sizes, ranging from 2-3/8″ up to 13 3/8″. In the event that your company has pipes that aren’t conducive to a standard frame, our customized systems can easily accommodate your needs.

Drilling managers and technicians are already familiar with the challenges that can come with operations. Handling your equipment in the oilfield without risking damage shouldn’t be the most difficult aspect of an operation. In fact, it should be the least of your worries.  With solutions like our Raptor pipe packaging frames and other pipe protection products, you can rest assured that your equipment maintains its integrity every time.

If you’re looking for a better solution to handling your tubular goods, connect with MSI Pipe Protection Technologies today. Call 1-877-276-9208 for quotes or for more information.

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