Pipe Protection Helps Ensure Oil Rig Safety Measures


With an unprecedented increase in US oil and gas production, the protection of industrial equipment and human resources remains a vital concern. Any Lost Time Incident (LTI) influences the bottom line. Consequently, as the market currently favors US producers, making every effort to avoid a production stoppage is critical. With high-quality pipe protection and handling equipment, operators can safely execute their daily duties and prevent downtimes from occurring.

General Operational Safety Standards from API

The American Petroleum Institute (API) provides general operational safety standards in the form of Recommended Practices. The API published the latest standards for Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Servicing Operations (RP54) in February 2019. Along with emphasizing the importance of having a comprehensive Safety and Health Management System, it also provides the minimum requirements for stacking and storage. Even more, the manual also provides requirements for the safe handling of tools, equipment, and other materials.

As staff regularly work under production pressures, the Oil and Gas industry remains one of the most dangerous occupational environments today. The US Department of Labor’s statistics shows that between 2008 and 2017, over 1500 workers died during drilling operations or related activities. Ensuring safety and protective equipment is available for employees working in these remote locations should be the primary concern of every organization operating in this industry.

Protecting Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) and Oilfield Equipment during Transport

Transporting OCTG and other moderate to heavy-duty rig equipment presents a significant safety risk for both personnel and materials. A rigid handling frame with lifting pins for tubular racks will prevent rolling during transport and/or offloading. Systems like MSI’s Rhino™ Tubular Handling Systems will ensure all tubular goods remain secure during transport. With heavy-duty handling systems, tubing or pipe sections will also remain separated, preventing coating corrosion and/or damage. This will also ensure no employees tasked with moving the goods face any unmitigated risk with a rack collapsing.

Protecting OCTG and Oilfield Equipment during Storage and Eventual Handling

Similarly, once the goods reach the site, tubular handling systems, along with lifting bails, will also ensure safety. They help staff safely move and store equipment on site until its eventual installation. For any threaded parts, maintaining the integrity of the threads will prevent corrosion damage, which can lead to failures in the downhole. Lifting bails should come with load and material test certificates that indicate the safe lifting weights for every component.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies for Unparalleled Operational Safety

MSI manufactures all pipe protection and handling equipment according to the highest API standards and with ISO certifications. To protect OCTG and drilling equipment, while also maintaining operational safety for staff, MSI provides a range of innovative solutions. We offer stacking and storage solutions, thread protectors, lifting and handling solutions, including chocks and bumper rings. Furthermore, we design all our products with durability in mind to help pumpers remain productive and reduce downtimes.

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