Pipe Protection Technologies Application: The Mining Industry


Pipe Protection Technologies Application: The Mining Industry

A viable piping system utilizing quality pipe protection products is vital for smooth functioning oil and gas, mining and water well industries.

And, it can make a significant difference to their profit and loss and margin of the parent company as well. A breakdown in the supply or delivery pipeline can result in a dramatic environmental problem, millions of dollars in loss and a bunch of irritated and annoyed customers down the line.

The mining industry uses pipe protection technologies and pipe protection products just like the oil and gas industry; and, the mining industry relies on their piping infrastructure to ensure supply and delivery.

However, the mining industry requires a range of pipes that includes rigid polyurethane piping systems protected with insulation, pre – insulated pipes covered with an electric tracing system to heat the interior, below ground and above ground insulation systems, etc. to ensure a patent supply system. According to the latest statistics, the mining industry now uses more than 75% of the industry now uses temperature protected piping to ensure a patent supply and delivery system.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has been long established as the leader in the gas and oil industry for providing a line of thread protectors and pipe protection products that is most comprehensive and ultimate quality.

The mining industry has important needs not just in Australia, Europe, and the United States; but also in the developing world and diverse countries that includes Africa, China, India, Latin America and South East Asia who have actually led growth over the past 20 years.  The International Monetary Fund is forcasting that the emerging world will average about 6 per cent growth or more through 2016.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies now provides an incredibly comprehensive line of thread protectors and pipe protection products to the mining industry.

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