How Pipe Protection is Used in the Well Water Industry


Maintaining a safe and healthy water supply is one of the most important, and also challenging, aspects of providing for modern society; making the need and use of pipe protection essential to the industry. The pipe chosen to carry water for household, commercial, and industrial uses have all been designed to last. However, given how essential a constant supply of water is to life, the importance of maintaining the pipe used to transport it cannot be emphasized enough. This is why leading companies like MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, have been trusted over the years to design high-quality, yet practical, product solutions for the water well industry.

Transportation & Storage

The first step toward providing adequate pipe protection is ensuring that all products can be transported safely. This is where products such as thread protectors, used to cap off the ends of threaded pipe during transportation and storage, come in. At the same time, pipe chocks can also be vital to maintaining pipe as when it’s transported and stored. Often, municipal and private water delivery companies hire one or more specialists to ensure the safe handling and transportation of their materials. Knowing when to use pipe end protectors, pipe caps, and pipe plugs is more than just a matter of avoiding material waste and saving money. If a damaged pipe is installed and used to carry water, the results can be disastrous.

Well Operations

Don’t underestimate how important it is to treat pipe with care. The long-term results of failing to provide adequate pipe protection can include drainage issues or even contamination. If pipe connectors are damaged during the transportation process or in storage, and the damage goes unnoticed upon installation, what may begin as mild damage to one pipe, can end in compromising the integrity of the entire system.

Added Protection

The pipe used to transport water are almost always fabricated using coated steel. The extra step of coating the pipe is taken to decrease the possibility of pipe corrosion. Unfortunately, corrosion can begin from either inside or outside of the pipe. Water being carried by the well water industry for human consumption is quite safe. However, the soil outside the pipe may not always be. Combined with the possibility of freezing pipe in areas that experience extremely cold temperatures, a little bit of corrosion can go a long way toward compromising an entire water supply system. When laying pipe in at-risk areas, be sure to take steps to insulate pipe and protect them from the elements.

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