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Pipe Protection: Why It is important, What It Is, and Who Uses Pipe Protection


The oil industry is reliant on pipe for a variety of jobs ranging from drilling wells to pumping oil out of the earth. When a rig operator finds that their pipe supply is not in good working condition it can stop or slow work. Because pipe is central to much of the work that is being done, they must be in good working order. Pipe protection products have been created to help ensure tubulars are always ready for safe and effective use.

Why Pipe Protection is Important

Delays and Business Viability – Job delays are an incentive to invest in pipe protection elements. Damaged pipes can slow down or even stop a job indefinitely.  Even a single damaged thread on a pipe can cause a total failure that will stop all production.  Just one damaged thread can cost the operator time and money.  A delayed or canceled job can impact the overall success of a business.  Investing in pipe protection is investing in the success of your business.

Proper pipe protection helps to ensure that our oil supply is always plentiful, avoiding costly delays and safety issues.


Safety – Pipe protection does not just help to ensure the safety of the pipes themselves; they help to protect the people on the job site.  Safety issues can cause delays in getting a job done, so investing in pipe protection that makes a site inherently safer also protects your bottom line. When used properly, pipe protection makes storage and moving of pipes safer, too.

Order – The pipe storage solutions do not just help to protect the pipe but also make storage more orderly. Cleanliness and orderliness are inherent to pipe protection.

Extends the life of tubulars – The proper use of pipe protection will help to ensure that all pipe is in good working condition every time it’s used. No need to wait for quality pipe to be sourced and no need to invest in new pipe prematurely.  Proper storage eliminates guesswork about whether pipe will be ready to use and will allow a company to be as efficient and as effective as possible on each job.

MSI Pipe Protection Tips

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Pipe Protection Options

Pipe protection comes in many forms to ensure that pipe can be used, transported, stored, and lifted safely even in the harshest conditions.

Thread protectors work to protect tubulars from rough handling, harsh weather, transportation, and lengthy storage.  Thread protectors simply screw onto the ends of the pipe to ensure that the threads are protected during pipe movement. Thread protectors can also help to avoid contamination from any foreign materials that may potentially enter the pipe.  There are a wide variety of thread protectors to choose from, ensuring adequate protection for every type of pipe.

Bumper rings are important to pipe protection with respect to storage or transportation.  Bumper rings prevent both impact and environmental damages caused by multiple joints of pipe encountering one another during storage or transport. Using bumper rings will eliminate contact and prevent corrosion.

Pipe chocks are a great option for companies who are looking to store and transport their pipe in a secure way that further reduces the chance for damage.  Pipe chocks are devices that have been designed to be secured by nail to provide a stable resting position for the pipe.  The pipe chocks are molded from a durable resin material with a nail slot design that makes using them as convenient to install and remove as they are protective.

Rhino™ Tubular Handling Systems are ideal for companies who are looking for the highest level of performance for pipe storage and protection.  The Rhino system has proven its ability to withstand even the toughest handling conditions and is a safe and effective method of bundling, lifting and transporting various sizes of heavy-duty tubular stock anywhere in the world.

Stabbing guides are an overlooked element in pipe protection but they can help to protect pipes during use.  These guides are employed when making up a string of pipe and can protect face damage and connection failure.  These guides are made from a steel core and urethane outer shells and have handles for guidance and are offered with varying types of closures to ensure they can be used with all pipe.

Lifting bails will also protect your pipe by safely lifting pipe, drill bits, and other equipment more easily and efficiently, while contributing to a safe work site, as well.

Each of these pipe protection elements will perform well on their own to protect individual threads, pipes, and people.  When these elements are combined, protection is further improved, and job sites become more efficient and effective than ever before.

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Who Uses Pipe Protection

While pipe protection is an investment in and of itself, it is a worthwhile one.  Companies that want to succeed, protect their bottom line, help to ensure safety, and protect their current investments in the pipe that they have on hand will always choose pipe protection.  Pipe protection is vital in the oil and gas industries and is in heavy use by those who want to succeed.

MSI Serves Up Your Pipe Protection Products

Thread protection technology is a necessity for those working in the oil and gas industries.  Preserving and extending the life of valuable assets is key to providing sound products and services efficiently and safely.  Safety, efficiency, and maintained value are important in these industries, and pipe protection is essential to reliable operation. MSI is proud to provide the latest innovative technologies in pipe protection that have been tested for maximum results.  Contact us today for all your pipe protection needs.

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