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Pipe Protectors around the world

No matter where you are in the world, when you see “the swoosh,” you can trust that you are buying a Nike product. Their logo has become a symbol of Nike’s status as a global leader in athletic wear. You can say the same thing about Apple’s iconic symbol. You know the product you are getting before you take your first run, or send out your first text message. These industry giants didn’t gain this level of authority overnight. It took decades of effort and dedication to grow that trust in their products. MSI Pipe Protection and their pipe protectors are no different.

You don’t want to place your expensive financial investments, such as your tubular products, in unvetted and under-qualified companies.. MSI Pipe Protection has worked hard since we began to be a globally recognized pipe protector company. No matter where you are located worldwide or whether you are storing, transporting or handling tubular products, MSP Pipe Protection can provide you with the safety equipment you need.

All of MSI’s pipe protection products are readily available to ship worldwide. It helps to have well-known parts available in your country. 

North America Pipe Protectors

MSI's TECTOR thread pipe protectors

Tector has been Canada’s choice for pipe protection for decades due to its strength and reliability. For the oil rigs in Canada, the Canadian-made Tector Plus is the pipe protector of choice. Tector Plus is a trusted name brand. While our other heavier duty lines have taken hold, Tector Plus is still the primary choice for Canada as a standard duty protector.

European Pipe Protectors

MSI's RHINO THS to transport your pipes and pipe protectors carefully

For those rigs near Scotland and the countries around the North Sea, our RHINO Tubular Handling System has developed a devoted following. MSI’s Rhino THS is known for its superb transporting and handling capabilities. It also exceeds all current pipe handling recommendations for protecting personnel, pipe, and transportation equipment. It is available for purchase and rental in the UK.

MSI is the pipe protectors provider you can trust to both meet global demand and conquer the challenges of different regional and country requirements. MSI’s product longevity, quality manufacturing, and unparalleled customer service have helped us build customer trust and loyalty for four decades. MSI’s commitment to understanding global and local industry needs is why we extended our reach to industry needs, including our four manufacturing facilities and an ever-expanding distribution network. 

Whatever your pipe protection needs, wherever you are, we’re here to help.

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