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Protecting Your Investment with Plastic Thread Protectors


Businesses are always looking for ways to minimize losses, and special care in preventing losses with plastic thread protectors is even more important during an economic downturn.

The oil and gas industry is especially vulnerable to market swings, suggesting those businesses should always be cognizant of strategies to curb potential losses. One important way petroleum industry companies can prevent losses is to protect their investments in pipe products. Today’s plastic thread protectors are one element commonly recommended to minimize damage to valuable pipe assets.

Damage During Transportation Can Be Avoided

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is an industry leader and uses innovative products to protect pipe threads during any type of transportation. That means from the moment pipe products leave the production area until they arrive at their final destination, thread protectors will prevent damage. While pipe protection may seem like a relatively minor consideration, industry experts recognize the potential savings when plastic thread protectors are properly utilized.

The potential for damage is especially high when pipe is being moved from, for example, a stockpile to a truck for transport. Damages can easily occur even when crane operators are well-trained and careful because of the many variables involved in the process. Proper protection for the threads means the pipe will reach its intended destination without business owners having to worry about damages.

Damaged Pipe Threads Create Other Issues

While physical damage to pipe threads can mean waste is created, there are other factors to consider as well. The cost of delivery can be significant, and if the pipe arrives damaged, the delivery costs involved are lost. Of course, that also means labor costs, both at the loading and delivery sites, are generated needlessly. Unfortunately, those are not the only losses.

Delays cost money for everyone involved, and damaged pipe threads create significant delays. When times are already tough, those types of avoidable delays cannot occur. While it’s difficult to quantify all the potential losses, suffice it to say they can be dramatic both in terms of time and money.

Preventing Damage with Plastic Thread Protectors

Obviously, careful handling of pipe products goes a long way toward preventing, or at least minimizing damage, but pipe thread protection is an absolute must for oil and gas industry companies facing challenging market conditions. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies works closely with all types of pipe users to define issues and come up with practical solutions to problems. The company has a wealth of experience in the industry and uses every resource available to provide quality solutions for clients.

In addition, the company offers a range of products developed to meet pipe industry needs. That simply means end users experience fewer problems during any installation. With facilities around the world, MSI is poised to meet the needs of oil and gas industry clients in any environment. In addition, the organization’s reach means they’re fully aware of regional regulations and deliver products designed to meet those requirements.

No matter what the need, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is there to make sure that need is met using high-quality materials designed to minimize losses due to damaged threads and reduce labor costs. To save money both now and in the future, explore the benefits of plastic pipe thread protectors today.

Don’t let corrosion, impact, or environmental damage ruin your pipes.

Trust MSI to deliver quality pipe protection all day, every day. Call or email us to find out more.

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