When to Replace Drill Pipe Protectors


The oil industry has been on a roller coaster ride for some time. In this economic climate, small things such as pipe protection add up to make big differences.

When is it necessary to replace older drill pipe protectors? In fact, do drill pipe protectors ever need to be replaced? These are important issues that affect drill string costs.

The Importance of Pipe Protection

To ensure the proper flow of oil, gas, or water, it’s necessary to have leak-free pipelines. Pipe protection keeps the pipes functioning for long periods. Products such as pipe caps, pipe plugs, and thread protectors all help to safeguard and prolong the pipeline’s useful life.

Replacing Broken or Worn-out Drill Pipe Protectors

It’s impossible to predict when a drill pipe protector will break or wear out. It’s a tough business. What is known is that drill protectors are critically important in reducing costs for drill operations. Replacing broken or cracked drill pipe protectors as needed during inspections and maintenance helps prevent much higher costs from overuse and damage to expensive equipment.

Keeping a large supply of pipe thread protectors handy, cuts the costs of re-cutting tool joints. Overall, protectors help reduce problems caused by fatigue, corrosion, and down hole wear. American Petroleum Institute (API) guidelines state that when a pipe has lost 20% of its pipe wall thickness it must be replaced. That is a major expense.

Polyethylene or Steel Protectors

  • Polyethylene protectors are generally used throughout the oil drilling industry as they are most economical. They are resistant to high temperatures, but should never be stored where temperatures exceed 550 C.
  • Pressed steel protectors meet more of the API specs and last longer.

The Benefits of Combined Plastic and Resin

The combination of plastic and urea-formaldehyde resin results in a naturally durable and stable plastic. Further benefits of this mix include volume resistance and low water absorption as well as tensile strength. This combination can be molded into the needed shape while maintaining a smooth finish and works very well for space rings used to help prevent pipes from hitting each other during transport or storage.

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