Rhino Tubular Handling Systems: Safety and Organization for Your Pipe


Pipe protection products are varied and should be implemented wherever possible to protect your assets.  One area of protection that should not be overlooked is a pipe handling system that will allow for safe solutions for lifting, transporting, and storing tubular pipe.  This type of protection compliments the use of thread protectors, stabbing guides, pipe chocks, lifting bails, and bumper rings.

pipes in a rhino tubular handling system

The Rhino Tubular Handling System

MSI has perfected the design and manufacture of the Rhino system over the last 40 years.  The goal has always been to create a tubular handling system that offers businesses a safe and effective way to bundle, lift, and transport tubular stock.  Today the Rhino system is being used around the world, withstanding inherently tough handling conditions.  These are systems that are built to last, with many that are four decades old still in use today.

Benefits of the Rhino Tubular Handling System

This tubular handling system is ideal for high chrome alloy casing and tubing and outperforms others because of superior design.  The Rhino system has many features and benefits including but not limited to:

  • The system is easy to stack, will do away with metal on metal contact, and will allow for high-density stacking.
  • It has been designed with lifting eyes to make handling and loading on a truck, rail, ship or offshore applications as safe and straight forward as possible.
  • The Rhino system is manufactured using the best materials to ensure it will perform as expected for years.
  • The design allows for the handling of large loads boasting a 12-ton lifting capacity and pad eyes pull tested and approved to 46 feet.
  • Unlimited storage options and maximized storage room.

Ensure Safety with the Rhino Tubular Handing System

Safety is an important consideration when you are working with tubular pipe.  Handling pipe can be dangerous, especially when storage applications are not safe or organized.  The Rhino system provides the necessary safety and organization elements, which will help to prevent accidents.  Rhino handling systems exceed all current pipe handling recommendations not just for pipe and transportation, but for protecting personnel, as well.

Let MSI Help You Incorporate Rhino Tubular Handling Systems

Rhino is a time-tested handling system that we are sure will benefit your business as you store and transport pipe. We hope you’ll consider letting MSI Pipe Protection Technologies help position your company to successfully protect your assets.  Speak with one of our experts toll-free today by calling 877-276-9208.

MSI is your partner in pipe protection.

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