The Safety Features and Benefits of Lifting Bails


Energy companies are continuously looking for ways to keep costs down, and one way to do so is to make use of lifting bails. Though consumers want cheap energy, they don’t always stop to think about the many steps involved in procuring this energy, or the expense involved in doing so safely. Lifting bails are found on oilfields and drilling sites and serve a vital purpose. They help to safely remove, transport, and store equipment. As a result, costs remain low and the savings achieved by the company may be passed on to the consumer. Below are some of the safety features and benefits associated with the use of lifting bails.


One reason oilfield bails are of great benefit is they can be used in a variety of applications. Use the bails to lift drill bits, subs, drill collars, tool joints, and stabilizers, among other things. Engineers and work crews use the bails when exploring and in drilling fields. Furthermore, they are of great help in other areas of the petroleum and natural gas industry.

The bails are of great help in protecting threads from damage when a tool is being moved. This may be during the loading of the tool, while it is being transported, or when it is offloaded. Furthermore, the bails should be used when tools are stored, as this ensures the threads remain safe until the tool is needed again. In addition, the bails are often used to link cables to drilling tools.

The Benefits

Lifting bails can be obtained in different colors. This is of great help in those industries where differentiation is of great importance to ensuring the safety of the workers and the equipment. The color coding system may be used both during transportation of the equipment and storage.

Threads could become damaged during use, and this adds to the cost of the company doing the drilling. With the help of bails, the risk to the threads decreases. Over time, this helps to save a company money on oilfield operations.

Likewise, lifting bails make it easier to offload tools or remove them from storage. The threads are at risk during this time, and the bails help ensure they aren’t damaged. This is another way that companies around the world ultimately save time and money.

A lifting bail is of great aid when equipment must be lifted off the ground. The equipment is better protected during the process, and the same is true when equipment is being returned to the ground. The bail works to ensure it does so safely.

Finally, bails may be purchased in non-threaded or blank versions. This is beneficial when special tools are being used and don’t have the necessary threading to use standard bails. They can also be utilized with other items that are lacking these threads, improving safety overall.

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