Sucker Rod Threads Should Never Be Damaged

Preserve your sucker rod threads and couplings with excellent impact protection in the form of convenient and easy-to-remove protective caps.

Sucker Rod Caps

Sucker Rod Cap and Plug Size and Quantity Options

MSI’s black, high-density polyethylene sucker rod protectors provide supreme protection.

Item No.Rod SizeBox Qty.Cap/Plug
81499-MSI1 1/8″200Cap

Keep Sucker Rods Protected and Your Company Profitable

The profitability of your company will always depend on several key factors. One factor involves ensuring the integrity of your oilfield equipment remains intact. At MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, our sucker rod protectors are competitively priced and designed with superior quality to protect rod threads and couplings. Our main goal is to help you deliver by ensuring proper make-up when sucker rods are ready for use in the field.

Our Sucker Rod Cap Features:

  • Excellent impact protection to prevent cracking
  • Secure fit due to wide internal ribs
  • Full coverage of threaded area
  • Compatible with specialized tools or
    12-point socket tools for removal
  • HDPE for increased durability

Quality Protection

Our thread protectors are known for having excellent impact protection and for maintaining the integrity of your threads.  In addition to our extensive range of OCTG, line pipe, and drill pipe applications, MSI’s sucker rod protectors give you the same level of excellence you have come to expect from all our product lines. In addition, our sucker rod plugs keep unwanted elements, debris, and objects out of your sucker rod couplings.

Both are easy to install and remove and are engineered specifically to protect sucker rods during handling, transport, and storage.

Trusted by Industry Experts

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has been the industry leader in protective solutions for pipe and threads since 1980. Our valued customers and industry partners rely on service excellence and product quality assurance from MSI. Our high-quality line of thread protectors and heavy-duty sucker rod caps not only protect your oilfield equipment from damage and ensure the longevity of their functionality, but they also protect your bottom line. 
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