plastic thread protectors


Recycling Used Thread Protectors on Earth Day & Every Day

One way oil and gas producers and drilling operators can help protect our environment is through recycling thread protectors. Since U.S. drillers alone spend over $8 billion/year on steel piping equipment, pipe protection remains essential for safe operations worldwide. Yet, many companies may not exactly know how to properly dispose of these vital pipe protection …

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assembly of MSI OCTG pipe protection products

Committed to Protecting Your OCTGs

Every petroleum extraction rig will make significant use of the OCTGs used to drill wells and transport the output. At MSI, our top priority is to ensure that your oilfield equipment is protected at all times. Contact us for orders and more information – 877-276-9208.

picture showing the process of injection molding on MSI manufacturing floor

Custom Injection Molding That Works

At MSI, we make use of custom injection molding that works to fabricate high-quality pipe protection products and other custom-designed products in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. Contact us for orders and information at 1-877-276-9208.

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