The 4 Benefits of MSI’s Rhino Tubular Handling System


MSI Pipe Protection Technologies manufactures and supplies quality pipe protection tools. With our Rhino Tubular Handling System, you’ll work with high-quality products with durability in mind. Keep reading to learn more about this system and the benefits you’ll see.


Lifting and transporting pipes shouldn’t be difficult. It’s a high-quantity process, and a complicated lifting system will have your team wasting time and energy. Conversely, the RHINO Tubular Handling System makes it easy to stack pipes and eliminates metal-on-metal contact. 

MSI's quality Rhino Tubular Handling System

Ergonomic Design

Safely lifting pipes into shipping crates or trucks can take time. The inclusion of lifting eyes helps with safe overhead handling and loading, specifically to support lifting heavy loads and handling the loading of any kind. Furthermore, this handling includes pipe transportation on ships, trucks, rails, and any offshore transport.

Premium Materials

MSI uses only high-quality materials and construction to keep your employees and your products safe. For this reason, work confidently knowing that the Rhino Tubular Handling System is a durable lifting and transporting solution. Our quality assurance system ensures that only the right products go out into rotation. The design of the transport system also maximizes the space in your container, purposefully made to be economical with the space you have.

Certified Design

The Rhino Tubular Handling System is designed to exceed the current standards for pipe handling specifications, as most of our products are. Moreover, this design guarantees maximum safety for your crew, your pipes, and the public. Det Norske Veritas, the international accredited registrar and classification society, granted the system type approval certification to meet ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Certified Customer Service

When you call, a qualified representative will respond to answer any questions. Check out our other drill pipe protector products on our website. We look forward to providing you with the support you need for pipe storage, handling, and transportation.

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