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The Importance of Pipe Protection in the Oil and Gas Industry

Pipe is necessary for the oil and gas industry to function.  Pipe in good working order is essential as it is what moves oil and other resources from one location to another.  Unfortunately, the oil and gas industry is probably the most affected by pipe failures.  If we overlook the anomaly of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the world at large, the demand for oil and natural gas has increased in recent years and the oil and gas industry is responsible for ensuring the supply remains steady.

Pipe protection

Protecting the Supply Process

Because the industry is relied upon so heavily, a damaged pipe or piping system can impact many.  Not only is the supply of the fuels consumers rely on impacted, but the drilling company itself can be crippled by a pipe failure.  As such, most companies in the oil and gas industry are now investing in pipe protection products to protect their assets. These pipe protection products are an investment for any company, but they ensure that jobs will be able to proceed successfully as scheduled.

Many Types of Pipe Protection

Those businesses in the oil and gas industry will find that there are a variety of protections available today.  Today, pipes are coated with a specialized anti-corrosion coating of Cathodic Shielding. Additional coating options are available such as concrete weight coatings, fusion bonded epoxy on composite pipe, thermal insulation, single and double-layer FBE, and more.

Other forms of pipe protection are used to protect the pipe as it is used, transported, and stored.  Pipe protection products include but may not be limited to:

  • Thread protectors are one of the most well-known types of pipe protection. They protect threads from damage during transport and handling.
  • Bumper rings are used to prevent damage that is caused by friction among multiple joints of pipe.
  • Pipe chocks are designed to be nailed down to a wood surface to provide a stable resting position for pipe during transportation or storage.
  • Lifting bails, also often referred to as lifting caps, are used to safely lift drill pipe and other items.
  • Stabbing guides are used to prevent face damage and connection failure when making up a string of pipe and connecting the pin and box threads.
  • Tubular handling systems provide a stable and organized system for storing pipe.

MSI Can Provide All of Your Pipe Protection Needs

If your company is ready to invest in pipe protection products, MSI has you covered! We offer a full spectrum of protection products that will protect your pipe when it’s in use, being transported, and being stored.  If you don’t see the product you need on our website or in our catalog, please contact us as we create a variety of custom products to meet the unique needs of every customer.  Not sure where to start with pipe protection products? 

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