The Thriving Ocean Life Under Offshore Oil Rigs


It doesn’t seem likely that anything could survive in the ocean close to an oil rig. As it initially doesn’t appear to be a very hospitable location for ocean life. However, after taking a closer look, we quickly learn that many types of ocean creatures do thrive near and around oil rigs. In fact, these eco-friendly structures not only help ocean life survive but surprisingly thrive.

What is Life Like Under the Oil Rigs?

Many environmental organizations worry about the destruction that can occur on rigs while drilling operations and oil extractions are consistently taking place. Yet, these concerns soon subside when they realize that life always finds a way to carry on and thrive. The truth is, most of the underwater rig parts provide homes for numerous fish and other creatures. Natural corals also begin to grow on these rigs, even though it takes time for them to take root. However, once they develop, corals provide natural stability and sustainability for all types of ocean life.

Once coral and other underwater plants have started to grow, fish soon begin to live nearby and in the coral. They’re protected from larger fish and can take advantage of the plants they usually use for food and shelter that are now growing on the rigs.

As life under the rig starts to flourish, more homes are created for fish and other creatures, eventually developing a natural ecosystem and food chain. With enough time, there is a significant amount of life growing and living beneath the oil rig.

Are There Eco-Friendly Pipe and Rig Structures that Help Maintain Life?

Yes! Companies today are aware of the ocean life that develops underwater on these structures. They also strive to make pipe and rig structures as eco-friendly as possible. These structures not only preserve the natural ocean life in the area, but also help create structures that are habitable for various types of sea creatures, coral, and larger fish.

Oil rigs are built by certain standards today, and they’re designed to not release toxins or bring harmful imbalance to the ocean’s natural underwater ecosystem. They’re solid structures that, when built properly, are secure and perfect for sea creatures who need a natural habitat. Moreover, since these ocean rigs are permanent structures, sea life can also set up a permanent home. Coral, seagrasses, fish, and many other types of ocean creatures are able to use these structures to create their home and obtain safety.

How are Companies Creating Homes for Ocean Life?

Companies are constantly finding new ways to make underwater rig structures safer and more secure so that underwater habitats can remain stable and untouched, despite what’s going on above the surface. This helps to ensure that the life that has begun under the ocean rig can continue to grow as long as possible, even if the rig shuts down.

While it might not seem like an ocean rig is a great place to visit if you’re hoping to see ocean life, the reality is there’s an abundance of ocean life growing and thriving under rigs today. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is a reliable supplier of high-quality oilfield and pipe protection products. We work hard to ensure that our products are built to maintain natural ecosystems and that they stay preserved so that ocean life can continue to thrive under the oil rigs.

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