Today’s Pipe Thread Protector Manufacturers

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In the coming decade, oil and gas operators will face new challenges and need to find additional efficiencies to retain their market posture. According to Deloitte’s industry outlook, investment shortages and volatile demand growth will plague producers over the next few years. The technological innovations from the previous decade provided many positive returns, but have now balanced out as forecasts suggest trade and economic headwinds will shape the future of the industry. With downward pressures on the industry, operators will need to revisit their production efficiencies. This is where today’s pipe thread protector manufacturers can help.

The industry will depend more on current operations than ever before. And consequently, investors will have to come to terms with prices stabilizing due to increased supplies.

The Renewed Importance of Operational Integrity

In the coming climate, operators will need to maintain their current infrastructure’s integrity. Keeping expensive Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) intact can alleviate some of the economic pressure companies will face in the future. To achieve this, investing in reliable and economical thread protection equipment should be a priority.

Quality Pipe Thread Protector Manufacturers

Considering that the operational supply chain relies heavily on the quality of the OCTG, protecting these investments will require additional effort. Connection integrity in the downpipes and tubing, including special equipment like perforating guns, need the highest quality thread protectors. Companies like MSI Pipe Protection Technologies provide innovative designs that ensure the protection of threads during every stage of operations.

Reducing corrosion during storage and preventing shock damage during handling for every OCTG thread is MSI’s primary focus. To ensure the integrity of every line pipe, hammer union, and tubular, MSI manufactures high-quality steel and plastic thread protection solutions for the global industry.

OCTG Storage, Transport, and Handling Solutions

Similarly, every section of pipe that’s not properly handled, stored, or transported can influence the integrity of a well. If a compromised section fails during operations, it will lead to a production stoppage while also putting staff at risk.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies can eliminate the risk of a load collapsing with tubular handling systems. For transport and handling, lifting bails, pipe chocks, and bumper rings will help staff to keep OCTG secure during inspections, services, and completions.

Remaining a Reliable Source for Global Oil and Gas Operators

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies enforces the highest quality standards for manufacturing pipe and thread protection equipment. All products remain subject to ISO 9001:2015 quality systems and comply with the latest API standards.

We are proud to serve markets in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Operators who require custom protection solutions are also welcome. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has a team of experts that will work with customers to ensure they can adequately maintain their OCTG, improve yields, and extend the lifecycle of every well.

You can improve your operational integrity and protect your OCTG by contacting leading pipe thread protector manufacturers like MSI. In fact, you can call us today and speak with one of our service experts at 877-276-9208.

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