Top Reasons to Utilize Tubular Handling Systems

Working with pipe, you know that it is a very important asset. Without pipe, drilling could not be done. While it is one of the most important assets on any job, it is also exposed to rough elements and often rough handling.  So, many don’t think twice about how tubular products are transported or stored.  Yet, transportation and storage processes are important to ensure the integrity of the pipe between jobs.

rhino tubular handling system Tubular Handling Systems for Storage

When pipe is being stored it is easy to simply put it away and forget about it.  Yet, when tubular product is in storage, damage will often occur.  Having a tubular handling system such as the Rhino will help safely store the product avoiding contact with other tubular products, bending, and possible thread damage.

Tubular Asset Organization

When pipe is not being used it can be difficult to organize, which is often why the pipe will become damaged.  Choosing to store pipe in a handling system will keep it organized, ensuring you can quickly and easily access the pipe that you need when you need it.   A well-organized system also makes it simpler to keep track of what assets have been used and when, so there is a good rotation in use, effectively extended the life of all your tubular products.

Safe Transportation

While many great products help to safely transport pipe, such as pipe chocks, tubular handling systems can also be utilized for transportation.  Rather than loading up pipe one by one, you can transport the system so products are protected to and from the worksite.  These tubular handling systems can be used on trains, boats, and beyond.

Contact MSI Today to Learn More About the Rhino Tubular Handling System

At MSI we know that the very nature of the business can mean rough handling for pipe. That is why we are passionate about providing the protection you need to protect the pipe, extending its life, and protecting your bottom line.  We would love to talk with you more about the Rhino Tubular Handling System and what it can do for you.  Contact us today to learn more!

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