US Shale Gas Lessons Learned Help Other Countries


Accenture is a global consulting and management company, with over 200,000 people working with clients in well over 100 countries. Their report, “Water and Shale Gas Development” details how countries around the world stand to benefit from the many lessons learned thus far in the US regarding shale gas operations and water management.

Two of the main points they make are:
• The benefits of collaboration with regulators
• Sharing, as in infrastructure, with other operators in the same basin

They specifically discuss how Argentina, China, Poland and South Africa can benefit economically and sustainably in shale gas development from these lessons.

In addition to the PDF download link above, a full article summarizing some of the main points of the report can be read in today’s Oil & Gas Journal.

MSI Oilfield Products is a global leader in the oil and gas production industries. We opened a new state-of-the-art facility during 2012 as part of our global leadership role and global commitment. Lessons regarding safety as well as economics and sustainability are global issues from which all countries and communities should benefit.

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